Will Private Tuition benefit my Child?

Will Private Tuition benefit my Child?

When it comes to private tuition, there’s no “one size fits all’ or blanket consensus that it will definitely benefit every child. It comes down the individual child, their goals and how private tuition might help them achieve these.

Private tuition can be a great way to support your child if they are struggling with a certain subject, need some one-to-one support to improve their study skills overall, or have a big exam coming up (perhaps an entrance exam or GCSE/A-Level that will qualify them for further studies). Private tuition can also help stretch and challenge a child in an area where they might already be excelling that can’t be provided in their mainstream school.

It’s worth considering the reason behind seeking private tuition to start with – is it longer term support you and your child are seeking, or short term to help them with an exam? Some private tuition takes place in centres, in small groups or one-to-one sessions, and other tutors provide the option of coming to your home. Also consider the approach of tuition, tutors will adopt different methods and a good tutor will have a few they use depending on the child and their preferred way of learning. Talking to your child about how they enjoy learning and what they feel is the best way for them to engage with learning is a great starting point.

Having worked in a private tuition centre, I can say it’s also really important to speak with your child before you commit them to additional tuition and make sure they’re included in the decision. Private tuition for a child who isn’t engaged or feeling pushed into something they don’t want to do won’t be beneficial for them. I’ve seen private tuition work best when the child is motivated by why they’re there and it’s wonderful to see their confidence grow through the sessions.

It’s also worth noting the wonderful social aspect of tuition centres. For many young children, feeling behind in their work or grades is a real confidence knock, especially if they feel they’re the only one who’s behind in their class. Being around other children who feel the same as them can be a real confidence boost in itself, and help them get over that feeling ‘it’s just me’. I’ve seen young children build a really supportive and encouraging atmosphere, which is wonderful to see.

Will Private Tuition benefit my child?

It might be worth looking into private tuition if:

  • Their grades or work is lower than expected and they aren’t feeling supported in school
  • They want support in building their confidence to pass an important exam
  • Your child wants to focus on a particular subject area – either to boost their confidence or stretch their abilities
  • They may have had some time out of school and need support catching up

Many tuition centres offer open days and trial sessions so your child can get a feel for the tutors and the centre before you commit to a full paid programme. It also gives you the chance to ask any questions and find out a bit more about what’s on offer. A good centre or tutor will tailor their delivery to your child and their goals, so it’s worth taking your time over this important decision and exploring all the options.

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