If you want it – We’ll help you get it!

Whether your goal is to improve your grades at school, get into a top university, enter a competitive career, start your own business or land yourself a top-tier apprenticeship, we’re here to help you get there!

What is GT Scholars?

GT Scholars is a not-for-profit social enterprise and registered charity that is open to all young people. We run a range of after-school leadership programmes that help young people aged 11-18, achieve their academic and career aspirations!

Young people are gifted & talented

We believe that all young people have their own unique set of gifts, talents and strengths and they can achieve amazing things when they are given the chance to build on their natural strengths and develop new skills. If you believe the same thing, then you’re in the right place!

What our scholars say

  • It was difficult at the beginning because you already have so much to do at school and it feels like you don't have time but you actually get used to it. I've moved up a set in my French and my Maths. I'm actually looking forward to my GCSEs!

    Abi, age 15
  • I've learned that learning means you have to push yourself...no one can make you learn...It's a bit like sports...If you don't push yourself you won't get better...I'd say I have improved because I'm making more of an effort and I'm better with organising my time and my homework.

    Shaun, age 12
  • It's a good programme...you start to see that actually you are quite clever...because now in class I understand things and I don't get worried when we have a new topic because I know that if I just focus I will be able to understand it.

    Gabrielle, Age 11

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