Need private tutoring support for your child? – Read this first!

Need private tutoring support for your child? – Read this first!

Many parents contact us to request after-school homework support, one-off private tutoring sessions, private home tutoring and last minute revision classes for the days leading up to their child’s GCSE exams. Unfortunately, this is not something that we offer.

Our tutoring programme is online and is carried out on a one-to-one basis. We believe that long term tutoring programme is much more effective than last minute preparation for exams. We provide a limited number of free places every year and charge means-tested fees with the goal of making it affordable to all families that we work with.

We’ve written a guide on where you can go for support if you are not able to join the GT Scholars Programme.

  1. Ask for support from your school:

This might seem really obvious but it’s important that you are aware of the support that is available from your school before looking for external support.

Many teachers run drop-in classes at lunchtime and after-school so it may be worth asking your child to take the time to attend these sessions with their teachers in school rather than hiring a tutor. Work collaboratively with your child’s teachers to set targets for your child and find out what needs to be done at home and recommended resources that you can use at home in order to meet these targets.

Most schools run revision sessions during half-term holidays so sign up to these sessions instead of paying for external revision sessions.

There are also lots of low cost or free learning websites where students can go through a process of self-study to improve their grades. Many schools have already signed up and paid for these sites such as so make the most of this.

  1. Check if you qualify for free tutoring support

We aim to make the GT Scholars programme as affordable as possible for young people from a range of backgrounds, we charge means-tested fees for this but we have a limited number of scholars that we can work with each year.

If you’re looking for free tutoring, you may be able to get this through your school or through tutoring organisations such as The Access Project and IntoUniversity. Other organisations such as TutorFair charge students for tutoring and use profits to provide free tutoring to young people from the lowest income homes.

Please be aware that due to limited funding, most not-for-profit organisations will only provide free tutoring to young people living in a particular borough or attending a specific type of school.

If you are looking for a condensed revision course, crash-course tutoring or last minute tutoring then you may want to look at Justin Craig or use websites such as Tutor Hunt or Tutor Pages to find a local tutor.

  1. Search for after-school clubs and organisations:

When children’s grades are not where we want them to be – it’s easy to think that the solution is to start tutoring. However, you may find that taking up extra-curricular activities may be just as effective as private tutoring.

Your child’s school or your local borough will probably already offer homework clubs, sports clubs, science clubs, coding clubs, film clubs, debate clubs, entrepreneurship and math clubs. These clubs may be able to boost your child’s grades and very few young people recognise the importance of this. All you need to do is sign-up and get started.

  1. Look into enrichment opportunities for your child

If you’ve looked into all options and you feel that your child needs more than just tutoring, then there are a range of organisations that may be able to provide this to you.

In addition to the GT Scholars programme, we offer a range of courses and workshops which take place in the evenings, at weekends and during half-term in London.

Organisations such as Sutton Trust and Social Mobility Foundation are not tutoring organisations but may also be able to provide you with support for getting into a top university or competitive career.

There are also holiday and weekend revision courses and pre-university courses that can help your child prepare for exams or help your child prepare to get into top universities or specific careers such as the Girls in Engineering programme.

Or the Interview preparation days with Oxbridge Applications:

  1. Sign up to our mailing list

Remember that you can still sign up to our mailing list if you’d like to know about opportunities for your child throughout the year. We actively look for interesting events and activities that are of interest to parents on our list.

We do our best to include organisations and events that are free or relatively affordable to young people from low or middle-income homes. We’ll also keep you updated on our courses and workshops that are open to all young people through the year.

GT Scholars is a not for profit social enterprise in London. We run courses, workshops and programmes that help young people achieve excellent grades at school, get into top universities and enter competitive careers.

Our flagship programme is The GT Scholars Programme which includes tutoring, mentoring and enrichment for young people aged 11-16. To register your interest in the programme, click here:


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