In The Know: World Health Day!

In The Know: World Health Day!

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Today marks the 67th World Health Day, which aims to draw attention to global health issues. The following are some programmes that offer youngsters, who are interested in healthcare, a glimpse into what the field of medicine entails.

Young Doctors Summer School – Debate Chamber
This summer programme is an introduction to the world of medicine for young students aged 11-14. It combines academic sessions with activities that test and apply the theoretical aspects that they learn. Your child can get the chance to suture a wound or diagnose and offer possible treatment options whilst role-playing or analysing case studies. Additional activities include group work, quizzes and experiments. Read more about this summer programme here.

British Red Cross – Work Experience Initiative
The British Red Cross offers week-long work experience opportunities for young students between the ages of 15 and 18. Your child can gain insight into the different departments within the Red Cross and the work that they do. The placements are available in London during July and August 2017. The application deadline is the 2nd of June 2017 and there are limited places available so for more information, please click here.

Imperial College London – The PreMed Course
A one-day medical career course is on offer from Imperial College London. This course is run by seasoned doctors who provide objective career advice to any young person considering a career in medicine. The course is well suited to 14-18 year-olds who are aspiring doctors or medical practitioners, as applicants are urged to fully investigate what a career in the field is like. The upcoming dates for this course are the 22nd of April 2017 and the 2nd of September 2017. Please read more information about this course here.

If your child is aged 11-16 and you’re interested in joining the tutoring, mentoring and enrichment programme, we’ve still got a few spaces left for young people that want to join GT Scholars this term. If you’re interested, you’ll need to register your interest here or give us a call on 02088168066

In The Know: Let’s explore maths!

In The Know: Let’s explore maths!

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In honour of Mathematics Awareness Month happening this month across the pond in the States, we thought we’d bring you a few maths-related opportunities a little closer to home.

Maths Summer School – Queen Mary University London
This non-residential programme is open to all Year 11 students (aged 15-16) and gives young people a glimpse into what studying at university is really like, whilst discovering fascinating aspects of mathematics. Your child would have the opportunity to complete a mini-research project, attend taster lectures and explore the QMUL campus, all whilst also participating in social activities. To find out more and to apply, you can click here.

The King’s Factor Maths Club – King’s College London
King’s College London have set up an exciting initiative that targets A-level students (aged 16-18) studying maths and gives them the means to tackle challenging maths problems and enrich their knowledge. This club is perfect for students who are enthusiastic about maths and want to develop mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills. The sessions take place fortnightly, on Monday and Thursday evenings, so to read more and to register your child, visit their website.

Mathematics: Chaos or Clear Cut? – Villiers Park Educational Trust
This 5-day residential course, open to Year-13 students (aged 17-18) who are studying mathematics, sets out to inspire and challenge young people, whilst mixing with other like-minded students. Experts leading the course will encourage participants to consider how Mathematics can provide answers to nature and the universe! This is done through interactive lectures, discussions and activities. If this is something your budding mathematician would be interested in, find out more here.

GT Scholars runs an after-school tutoring and mentoring programme for students aged 11-16. We tutor young people in Maths, English and Science and help them achieve their aspirations, get into the top universities and enter competitive careers. To find out more, register your interest here.

In The Know: Summer School options

In The Know: Summer School options

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Although it might not seem like it, summer is not that far away! Instead of playing on the computer or watching the television for the whole holiday, your child could join one of these exciting programmes and get a head start on their future.

Pre-University Taster – King’s College London (Ages 16-17)
This is a four-day non-residential programme, designed for students aged 16-17, that enables them to find out what it is like to study one of the world’s top universities. Your child would get to choose between four areas of study: Law, Science, Business Management and Cultural History, and would receive university-level tuition, relevant excursions and admissions advice. Read more about this taster course here.

Summer Schools – Debate Chamber (Ages 11-18)
Whatever your child is interested in, Debate Chamber has a course that will be ideal for them! They have a range of programmes, adapted to suit every age group, from law and computer science to dentistry and medicine. These are non-residential courses that vary in length, but all of them build attendees’ knowledge through tuition, discussions and practical activities. Debate Chamber do offer bursaries, so to find the right course for your child, visit their website.

Pre-Vet Summer School – Royal Veterinary College (Ages 16+)
Is your child thinking of a career in veterinary medicine or biological science? This 2-week residential summer school is the perfect taster course for young people aged 16+ who want to learn more about these career paths. Your child will practise in state of the art clinical facilities and will participate in teaching sessions and workshops, all while getting a glimpse into university life. To find out more and complete the application form, visit their website.

On a side note, we will be starting our new term in April and are looking for aspirational and motivated young people to join the programme. If you are interested and want to find out more, please leave your details here and we will give you a call.

In The Know: Ideas for the Easter holidays!

In The Know: Ideas for the Easter holidays!

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The first day of spring is almost here! It also happens to be #InternationalDayofHappiness on Monday, so we thought we’d bring you some fun, entertaining ideas for activities that are sure to bring happiness to your child during the upcoming Easter holidays.

Stars and their Secrets – The Royal Observatory Greenwich
Is your child aged 11+ and interested in space and astronomy? If so, this event that runs on Thursday 20th April could certainly be an ideal way to spend part of the Easter holidays! Your child will first be astounded by spectacular stellar phenomena in the planetarium show, followed by a discussion led by a panel of experts. It’s a great way to explore how fields of study connect and hear what ground-breaking research is on the cosmic horizon. Read more on their website.

Create! Theatre design & digital tools workshop – The V&A Museum
This is an opportunity for young people aged 13-15, where your child could work with imaginative designer Charlie Cridlan and explore their costume and set design talents. They would get the chance to develop their digital drawing skills and learn how to design settings and clothes to tell a story. The workshop runs from 11am-4pm on Saturday 22nd April, and tickets are limited so book a ticket early on the website to avoid disappointment!

Young Artists Course – The Art Academy
A five-day course, open to young people aged 12-14, that provides high-level art tuition, including drawing workshops, contemporary painting, specialist sculpture techniques, and using experimental media. The course focuses on building independent judgment, confidence and critical understanding, and it can significantly help students studying art at school and thinking about pursuing it as a potential career. Find out more and book online here.


GT Scholars is an after-school programme that provides a tutoring, mentoring and enrichment programme to young people aged 11-16. Our high impact courses, workshops and programmes give young people the strategies and skills they need to achieve their aspirations. To find out more about GT Scholars please get in touch and we will call you:

In The Know: Let’s celebrate British Science Week!

In The Know: Let’s celebrate British Science Week!

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Today is the start of British Science Week! This ten-day celebration of all things science, technology, engineering and maths has inspired us to dig up some great activities and events for your budding scientists.

Engineer Your Future – Science Museum
The Science Museum has a fascinating, interactive exhibition perfect for young people who are thinking about their futures and interested in pursuing a career in engineering. Recommended for 11-15 year-olds, your child would be able to design a space rover, build and test complex engineering systems, and see cutting-edge test models on display. Free for everyone, read more about this exhibition here!

Tech Camp
If your child is aged 9-17 and already interested in tech then these non-residential tech camps could be a great platform for them to build their knowledge. Tech Camp has a large range of courses on offer, from Physics Game Design and Robot Inventor to the Gadget Factory. They vary in length, from one day to week-long, so there is something to suit everyone. Get more information and book your child’s space on their website.

Routes into STEM
Open to students in Year 10 (Age 14-15), Routes into STEM is great for those who want to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths further. Your child would get the chance to find out more about apprenticeships, university degrees and career opportunities so that they can make well-informed decisions about their next academic steps. A combination of interactive activities, presentations and industry visits comprise this rewarding and challenging programme. Apply here.

Join us at our annual GT Scholars Careers Day on Saturday 18th March, where you and your child can learn about careers in medicine, technology, science and more! Click here to book free tickets for you and your child and feel free to invite friends and family. We hope to see you there!

In The Know: It’s #NationalApprenticeshipWeek!

In The Know: It’s #NationalApprenticeshipWeek!

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National Apprenticeship Week starts on Monday and so, with apprenticeships at the forefront of the news, we thought we’d get on board. Here are some options that you and your child can consider as a good alternative to university.

Apprenticeship Insight Day – The Tech Partnership
Is your child interested in tech, but not sure where to go with it? This free event, on 9th March, will give young people aged 16+ the chance to meet some of the biggest tech brands around, including O2, Cisco and IBM. The company representatives will give advice and tips on the benefits of apprenticeships, how to choose one and how to apply. Registration closes on Sunday, so apply for a ticket here.

Events Apprentice Administrator – White Label Publishing
This is an exciting 12-month apprenticeship, giving someone the opportunity to help organise high-profile events. From conception to completion, your child would be involved in all aspects of delivering the event, from marketing to finding venues. If your child is 16 or above, this could provide an introduction into the world of digital marketing and event management, whilst earning money and an Advanced Apprenticeship. Find out more on the website.

Accounting School Leavers Programme – Grant Thornton UK
If your child is leaving sixth form (Age 17+) and is looking for an alternative to university, whilst still looking to gain qualifications, this 5-year programme could be perfect. They would get to work with one of the top accountancy firms in the UK, discovering a broad range of sectors, such as tax and audit. They would gain real-world experience and professional qualifications, establishing a base for a successful career. There’s even a salary and bonuses that come with it! Learn more and apply here.

GT Scholars runs enrichment events and workshops throughout the year, open to all young people in London. We have a free Careers Day coming up on Saturday 18th March and we would love for you and your children to join! We will have speakers talking about apprenticeships and university degrees and how they can lead to a successful career. Find out more and book your tickets here.

In The Know: Your child’s future!

In The Know: Your child’s future!

In The Know Parents What's new?

We hope you’re having a wonderful week! Today we are focussing on university and beyond as we bring you several events and programmes that can give your child a head start on their future!

University of London – Taster Courses
The Taster Course Programme provides students in Year 12 (aged 16-17) with a taste of what life at a university in London is like.  Your child would experience real lectures, gain insight into the additional facilities available and meet students from across the UK. All the taster courses are free to attend and your child can choose a course from a variety of subjects taking place at the numerous participating universities. Courses range from voice and drama, to medicine and nursing, to computing and business. Find our more on their website.

Bank of England – Scholarship Programme
In conjunction with the Windsor Fellowship, the Bank of England are offering students aged 17-18 a scholarship programme that can financially support them whilst at university. Aside from receiving a considerable amount of money to cover living expenses, your child would also receive mentoring and paid summer internships. Your child must fit certain criteria to qualify for this and the application deadline is Sunday 26th February, so head over to the website to find out more and apply.

Sky – Tech Insight Evening
On Wednesday 1st March, Sky are offering young women aged 16-24 the chance to come and find out more about Technology in a Broadcast Centre. If your daughter is enthusiastic and has a keen interest in tech then this is a perfect event to learn more about what a career in technology entails and what apprenticeships and opportunities are available to her. No experience is necessary so encourage your daughter to sign up today!

The GT Scholars Programme is an after-school programme that focuses on growth mindset and reaching potential. The programme includes tutoring, mentoring and enrichment sessions for young people aged 11-16. We aim to help you achieve your aspirations and get into top universities and competitive careers. To find out more, browse our website and get in touch with us:

5 reasons why extra homework may be negatively affecting your child’s chances in life

5 reasons why extra homework may be negatively affecting your child’s chances in life

What's new? Young people

The topic of homework is currently at the centre of hot debates, not just in the UK but across Europe, as people argue about the possible negative effects that it can have, if implemented in the wrong way.

Some schools in the UK are reducing or even banning homework and parents in Spain have gone so far as to go on strike because of the amount of homework their children have been getting.

Why are they doing this?  Why is this becoming such an issue?  Why do people think homework is bad for students?

Here are 5 reasons why extra homework does not necessarily lead to a better future for your child:

1. It can be repetitive and not productive

Homework is often repetitive, a long list of exercises designed to drill the concepts into your child’s brain.  As Nancy Kalish says, this makes learning “a chore rather than a positive, constructive experience.”  This could have the detrimental effect of making your child hate the subject, without providing an accurate representation of the child’s performance.

2. Young people need time to be active

Students usually spend the majority of their school days sitting at desks, with little opportunity to exercise. Therefore, there is the argument that time after school would be better spent getting fresh air, being active and pursuing physical activities that they enjoy. It also gives them the opportunity to learn and develop critical life-skills that cannot be learned whilst sat at a desk.

3. Is homework an unnecessary added stress?

Being a student can be stressful enough, without the added pressures of homework.  It can cause a large amount of anxiety or stress if your child doesn’t understand the topic or is unable to complete the homework on time, as there are obviously no teachers around to help them. We, as adults, parents, teachers, tutors and mentors, need to realise the importance of doing what we can to help young people maintain stability over their mental health, without adding even more strain.

4. It can cause arguments at home.

Even public figures are getting involved in the debate, as Gary Lineker states, “all it does is drive a massive wedge between parents and children because you end up having to do it for them, and it’s stressful.” Putting additional strain on a parent-child relationship is never a good idea – there are already enough factors that can cause tension without adding another. A parent should be a source of support, without having to actively do the work for them – if they are, then obviously there is no benefit for the child.

5. Time management.

This is something that we all struggle with and this is especially true for students. The added load of a mountain of homework can make things challenging for students who are juggling busy schedules with after school activities, part-time jobs, a social life and household chores. It means that young people cannot commit 100% to one activity as they are always thinking about what else is on the to-do list, meaning that they are not able to benefit fully from the current task at hand.

Now we are not suggesting that homework should be eradicated completely, as a study for the Department for Education did find that students who did two to three hours of homework per night were almost 10 times more likely to achieve five good GCSEs than those who did no homework.  

It is simply a case of giving the students constructive, creative exercises which encourage them to think independently, and finding the right balance between the time spent doing homework and the time spent pursuing other, potentially more beneficial, extracurricular activities.

GT Scholars is an after-school tutoring and mentoring programme. The programme teaches young people how to manage their time, adopt a growth mindset and achieve their aspirations. To find out more, get in touch with us via


In The Know: The world of media for young people

In The Know: The world of media for young people

In The Know Parents What's new?

We’re talking about the media this week! Your child may have a dream of pursuing a career in entertainment but not know how to get into it. Fortunately, we’ve got a few opportunities that can give young people an introduction into the industry.

Work Experience – Radio 1
Is your child is passionate about music? If so, this is an unmissable chance for them to work at one of the biggest radio stations in the country, with some of the biggest names in the industry. This week-long placement gives young people valuable insight into the entire operations of a radio station. They will learn everything from social media and marketing to the production of the radio shows themselves. Open to young people aged 16 and over, the deadline is 27th February, so visit the website to apply.

Creative Briefs – I Am Creative
Young people aged 13-19 thinking about going into advertising or communications should not pass this up, because it truly is a unique opportunity! I Am Creative are giving young people the chance to create campaigns for huge brands such as The AA and Lloyds Bank. The companies themselves judge the campaigns and there is a cash prize as well as professional feedback and potentially even a step up on their future career ladder! Find out more on their website.

Creative Associate – Youth Media Agency
Whatever branch of the media that your child is interested in – journalism, photography, filmmaking – becoming a Creative Associate with Youth Media Agency can help get their foot in the door. They give young people the chance to help at various media-related events and, most noteworthy, they help aspiring creatives find job opportunities within the media industry and give them the chance to help at various media-related events. If your child is aged 16+, click here to find out how to join.

GT Scholars is an after-school programme that focuses on helping young people to raise their aspirations and fulfil their potential. This is achieved through a combination of tutoring, mentoring and enrichment days. GT Scholars also always wants to keep parents and young people up to date with the latest opportunities available. Therefore, we have a weekly newsletter crammed full of exciting ideas, activities and events. Sign up today –

10 Free learning apps to learn everything from Geography to Human anatomy

10 Free learning apps to learn everything from Geography to Human anatomy

Learning Resources What's new? Young people

We know that young people spend way too much time on their phones but did you know that there are a multitude of apps available online that could boost your child’s knowledge and understanding in Maths, English, Science and other subjects?

Young people have access to so much information online and this means that with the right amount of effort and motivation, many pupils could teach themselves or be tutored in any subject, just by using the right resources.

There’s a tonne of research that shows that young people learn more when they’re having fun and thanks to the wonderful world of technology and the internet, everyone’s learning online.  

We’ve put together a list of 10 of the top learning apps that make learning enjoyable and the best news is that they’re free!

  1. Gojimo

This is the UK’s top revision app for GCSE and A-Level. Not only does it have a massive bank of questions for all major subjects, it gives detailed explanations for the questions and you can track your progress, strengths and weaknesses and check off each topic as you master it.

  1. Learn World History

Learn world history from the beginnings of civilization! This Android app helps you learn hundreds of key events throughout world history with quizzes that test you on details and dates. With options for customising quizzes, this app is great for secondary school children all the way up to adults looking to brush up on their history knowledge.

  1. Essential Skeleton 4.0

Essential Skeleton is an iPad app that young people studying the human skeletal system should definitely download. The app puts a 3D skeleton on your iPad and you can then rotate the skeleton, zoom in and out, find out the names of each bone and more. It’s great for a range of ages as you can go into as much detail as you want.

  1. DoodleMaths

This app is perfect for ages 7-11 and can dramatically improve your child’s confidence and ability in maths. It works by identifying your child’s level, strengths and weaknesses, and gradually progressing them at the rate that’s right for them. Use it on your computer or on any device.

  1. World Map Atlas

World Map Atlas is a great Android app you can use to grow your geography knowledge. It has a wealth of information about all the countries in the world, such as the capital, the country flag, the languages and even the currency.

  1. Duolingo

Learning with Duolingo is fun and addictive. This app, available on Windows, Apple and Android, helps you learn a wide range of languages, from French and Spanish to Ukrainian and Vietnamese. The variety of speaking, listening and multiple choice activities keep it constantly new and exciting.

  1. Magic Piano

You can learn to play the piano on a phone or tablet, Apple or Android! With everything from Bruno Mars to Mozart, this nifty little magic piano guides you through playing a variety of tunes on its three keyboards, by following beams of light with your fingers.

  1. How to Draw

Enjoy learning how to draw with this easy to use Apple app. Video tutorials and step-by-step lessons will teach you how to faces, bodies, flowers and even cartoon characters. There are simple instructions for beginner drawings as well as more advanced tips for the more experienced artist!

  1. English Grammar – Learn & Quiz

Who knew English grammar was so interesting! This is an easy and fun new way to practice and learn English grammar. With a huge variety of tests and activities, you can choose between basic grammar to more advanced concepts, making it suitable for all ages.

  1. ▻Sudoku

A classic puzzle game that is sure to make your brain work! This Apple app enables you to seamlessly play endless amounts of Sudoku at your preferred difficulty, all while keeping track of your scores. This app makes it so much easier to improve your Sudoku skills, without the hassle of having to use a pen and lots of paper.


The GT Scholars Programme is a unique tutoring programme that gives young people aged 11-16, the support, strategies and skills that they need to reach their academic and career potential. We also take advantage of what the Internet has to offer and use online platforms to deliver effective online tutoring to our scholars. To get more information, click here.