We’ve won the Lloyds Start-up award from School for Social Entrepreneurs!

We’ve won the Lloyds Start-up award from School for Social Entrepreneurs!

We’re pleased to announce that The GT Scholar’s Programme recently won the Lloyds Start-up Award from School for Social Entrepreneurs!

What is the Lloyd Start-up Award & The School for Social Entrepreneurs?

Launched in April 2012, the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme is a partnership between SSE (School for Social Entrepreneurs), Lloyds Bank and The Big Lottery Fund. The award provides funding, mentoring, and training to social enterprises and social entrepreneurs who want to make a huge impact. We are incredibly grateful for this award; we know it will make a huge difference in expanding our offering.

How Will This Help GT Scholars?

This is a huge achievement for us. The grant will help us reach out to new parents and students. In addition, it will help us extend the enrichment programme to students already on the programme.

The Story of GT Scholars

The GT Scholars Programme was founded in November 2013. Temi Kamson, a former engineer turned teacher founded GT Scholars to support young people in her local neighbourhood. Temi established the programme while working as a teacher and noticed that many of the young people and parents that approached her for after-school tutoring were on free school meals or in low-income homes.

However,  they didn’t qualify for support because their grades were too high (e.g. a C-grade).  Secondly, they didn’t qualify if their household income was too high (e.g. a single-parent household with an income of £17,000, which is just above the Free School Meals threshold). Lastly, young people couldn’t receive support if the school didn’t have the funding to place them on a programme.

Therefore, The GT Scholars Programme was established to ensure that any young person could access support and didn’t have to live in the right neighbourhood, go to the right school, have the right household income and have the right grades to qualify for support. You can read more about the story of GT Scholars here.

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