TEDxYouth@Croydon 2015

TEDxYouth@Croydon 2015

We love TED talks, and we love Croydon… so what could be better than TEDxYouth@Croydon?!

TEDxYouth@Croydon returns on Saturday 14th, November 2015. Please note that this is an external event not organised by us. Please visit the organiser page here.

The video below is a talk by Rosina ST. James, the former chair of the British Youth Council. She studied Social policy and received an award for ‘Outstanding Contribution’ at the London School of Economics. 

Additionally, Rosina ST. James is recognised for being one of the top ten most outstanding black students in the UK and received the Rare Rising Star Award. 

Rosina ST. James is a positive role model for many young people. Her TED Talk on the legacy you leave behind is an inspiring and thought-provoking talk on how young people can make a difference.

Watch the “What Will You Leave Behind” TED Talk below: 


However, hard work and determination don’t always equal success. In the TED Talk, you will hear how Rosina dreamed of being a politician, but she wasn’t sure how to get there.

This is a common challenge many young people face. Many young people have big goals and dreams but may feel they can’t achieve them. This is simply because young people need to be taught the right strategies to help them achieve their goals. 

Here at GT Scholars, we believe that all young people have the ability to be gifted and talented. They simply need to be shown the right strategies. 

The GT Scholars Awards programme focuses on helping young people understand the variety of career and study options available to them and can assist in making informed decisions about their future careers.

The GT Scholars Academic Programme has helped many struggling students achieve good grades. This unique after-school programme combines tutoring in either Maths or English, Enrichment and Skill building classes. After joining the programme, students improved by two grades within a year. If you are interested in one of our programmes, you can register your interest here, and one of our team members will contact you to discuss things in more detail.

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