Upcoming intake: Term 3 – April 2022

You can download all the school promotional material using the link below:

School promotion materials – Download here

This download pack includes the following items:

  1. An initial email to pupils or parents
  2. Reminder emails for pupils or parents
  3. Flyer to attach to emails or message boards (PDF version)
  4. Flyer to attach to emails or message boards (JPG version)
  5. Flyer to attach to emails or message boards with QR code (PDF version)
  6. Flyer to attach to emails or message boards with QR code (JPG version)
  7. SMS message for parents
  8. Presentation material which can be shared in class or assembly with pupils
  9. Social media posts – suitable for Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin

Need to know more about our 1-to-1 Tutoring & Mentoring Programmes? Please read through the Teacher FAQs below.

How can parents sign their child up for our 1-to-1 Tutoring & Mentoring Programmes?

The first step to getting started is for parents to register their interest online. You can share all of the information with parents at your school by using the school promotional material: School promotion materials – Download here

Who can apply to our 1-to-1 Tutoring & Mentoring Programmes?

Our 1-to-1 Online Tutoring & Mentoring Programmes are perfect for ambitious young people living in the UK aged 11-18, who are looking to improve their grades AND gain leadership skills in the process! 

What do our 1-to-1 Programmes include?

During each 12-week term, young people on our programmes receive a combination of: 

  • 12 hours of 1-to-1 online tutoring in Maths or English from our top-tier tutors
  • 6 hours of online 1-to-1 mentoring support with professionals and graduates from top companies and universities
  • Weekly group study sessions
  • Monthly group coaching sessions with live Q&A 
  • Unlimited access to our online learning hub which includes all of our premium personal development courses valued at over £4800 (with 2 new courses added each term)

Is it better to share this with the entire year group or targeted pupils?

It’s best to share this programme with the entire year group as we typically get about 10-30 applicants from a cohort of about 300 pupils. So if you send this to 30 pupils, you may only end up having 1 applicant.

Do you offer tutoring in more than one subject? Can parents apply for more than one child?

Yes, parents can enrol more than one child on the programme and they can also apply for tutoring in more than one subject i.e., Maths and English – there is usually an additional fee for the second subject, but we will explain this to parents when we meet.

Are there any fees? Are all of your programmes free?

We use a 3:1 scholarship model, which means that for every 3 paid places, we offer 1 full scholarship. Scholarships are only available to young people on free school meals. 

Can schools promote this to all of their pupils on Free School Meals?

In order to maintain our 3:1 Scholarship model, we’d kindly ask that you please promote this to a broad range of pupils including pupils that aren’t on Free School Meals. This ensures that we’re able to offer as many places as possible.

Do you need three pupils from a specific school to pay full fees, in order to offer a free place to that school?

No. Our 3:1 ratio is not school-specific. We offer free places, based on the total number of full fee applications received.

Can schools pay for places on this programme?

This isn’t a paid programme for schools. This is because all of the tutoring & mentoring sessions take place outside of school hours and we need to work directly with parents. However, we have similar programmes that you may be interested in. Please email schools@gtscholars.org if you’d like to set up a meeting to discuss this.

Is this open to pupils that attend independent schools?

Yes. However, free places are only available to pupils that attend state schools.

Is there any admin work that you need from the school?

Yes, but it’s very minimal. We will ask for confirmation of free school meals as well as current & predicted grades for pupils that have been offered a free place or partial scholarship. For data protection reasons, the request form will be sent to you directly from each pupils’ parent or guardian.

Any further recommendations?

  • Where possible, please try to promote this to a broad range of pupils to help us maintain our 3:1 scholarship model.
  • We recommend that you send reminder emails and SMS messages to families no later than 1 week before the application deadline – this will allow them to complete their application to start the programme in time. 
  • We have a few enrolment weeks leading up to the deadline, so the sooner parents apply to enrol their child in the programme the more likely they are to receive an offer to join the programme.