Are students becoming too reliant on private tutors?

Are students becoming too reliant on private tutors?

There are many reasons why hiring a private tutor might seem like a good idea for your children.

If they’re genuinely struggling in a subject, they can provide the support and guidance they need to improve results. Below are five ways parents can ensure that their children do not become too reliant on private tutors.

1. Build your child’s confidence

Children build confidence by finding ways to solve the problem independently. Therefore, as a parent, hiring a private tutor can communicate to your child that they cannot excel by themselves. This could dent their confidence, especially if the tutor doesn’t work in a style that builds their confidence. However, you can still help them by pointing them toward valuable resources and finding a tutoring programme that supports them to do this.

2. Help your child become an independent learner

This might include creating study guides or notes on where to find certain reference materials. To become successful at the university level, for example, students need to develop their level of independence and be able to think for themselves. An excellent private tutor should be able to help prioritize your child’s time and work in a manner that allows them fully understand how to work independently.

3. Help your child take accountability

Part of being a student is taking responsibility for your actions. Any successful marks could be misinterpreted with a private tutor helping your child. This will make them feel that the good marks directly result from the help you paid for. Equally, if the results are poor, then they’re likely to be under the illusion that the tutor didn’t educate them well enough to be able to pass.

4. Help your child develop time management skills

Time management is a life skill which is crucial for success. Children must understand proper planning and how to stay focused. By teaching your children adequate time management, they’ll have more time to make educated decisions about their learning. Additionally, it helps them to reduce stress.

5. Motivate your child to succeed

A lot of pressure is placed on children to do well and achieve success. Therefore, for them to cope with the workload, they need to be motivated. Setting goals can be a great way to encourage them and help them to excel in their chosen subjects.

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