It’s never too early to teach young people about careers

It’s never too early to teach young people about careers

How young is too young to start encouraging your child to think about their future career?

As far as I’m concerned there is no age limit, and it’s never too soon to introduce your child to the wider world of careers that their academic achievements can lead them into!

This isn’t about dictating a certain career path to your child or putting pressure on them to make decisions now, but about opening them up to the potential of future career opportunities that exists, and where a strong background of academic achievement can take them.

Why is this important?

There is a tendency in schools to leave careers guidance and employability development to the end of secondary education. While this might make sense as it’s when they’ll start looking at whether they want to go to university or get a job, young people have so many decisions to make around this time as it is. They’re now also expected to only just start thinking about their career and make academic decisions based on this.

By introducing careers early on with your child, you give them the chance to really start building their own ideas and opinions, asking questions and finding out information about where they want to go in life. When it comes to those important academic decisions, they already have a head start as they build their selected studies around a career goal (or goals) they have in mind.

Raising Aspirations

By introducing your child to different career options early on, you provide them with the opportunity to delve a bit deeper into industries they might like. Where they have the chance to interact with different professionals, they can find out about all sorts of roles or career paths they might not otherwise have found out existed until much later on in life.

The key thing when teaching young people about careers is to provide them with different ways of engaging with careers and career professionals to really help them develop the confidence to make those decisions later in their academic life. Knowing the different parts of a certain career path can also help children feel motivated to engage with their learning and aim for higher attainment, as they have a developed understanding of the end goal – their desired career.

How We Help

GT Scholars introduces careers in a number of fun and exciting ways – through Careers Fairs, industry related advice and events, as well as sourcing relevant opportunities (see our blog for more!). We know that children are never too young to learn about where their learning can take them and a good understanding of their options will only help to inspire, motivate and boost confidence.

The GT Scholars programme aims to help young people develop an intrinsic motivation for learning. We teach young people how to become better learners so that they can attain excellent grades across all subjects.

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