7 Gifts and Talents You May Not Realise Your Child Has

7 Gifts and Talents You May Not Realise Your Child Has

Sometimes we get so focused on the measurements of talent and success – high grades, participation in sports, and winning competitions. We often forget our children have several natural gifts and talents that will help them succeed in school and beyond.

GT Scholars works with young people to help them achieve their potential, and this also means identifying the talents children already have and helping them to realise how gifted they are. Read more about how we help gifted and talented teens succeed here

So, what are some of the natural gifts and talents of young children that you as a parent can nurture now to support their future success in the world of work and life in general?

1. Adaptability

In an ever-changing and fast-paced world, adaptability is a vital talent for children to have and develop. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about dealing with adversity but helping them to create a good understanding that things change, sometimes unexpectedly, and it’s essential to continue working to their best ability regardless.

2. Perseverance

Sometimes things don’t go as we plan, and it’s important not to let these things stop us from achieving our goals. Children tend to bounce back quickly from setbacks, and this is a positive natural gift of theirs. Continuing to teach children to embrace their setbacks as opportunities to grow and develop helps them build the mindset of perseverance to get on in life and work.

3. Honesty

Children are naturally honest and open with how they engage with the world. However, at some point, they start to lose this – possibly due to a fear of failure or letting people vital to them down. Encouraging your children to be honest in a proactive way will help them build positive communication skills around the efforts and abilities employers seek.

4. Enthusiasm

Someone who can talk positively about themselves, why they want to do something and who gets excited about doing new things and taking on new challenges always stands out from the crowd. Children are naturally enthusiastic about most things, so keep encouraging this, especially when embracing new situations.

5. Inquisitive

Taking an interest, asking questions, and having positive opinions all fall under this umbrella – another natural gift most children have! Encouraging children to be inquisitive also helps them build their communication skills and confidence around idea sharing – all things employers love!

6. Teamwork

Children like engaging with each other, learning about and supporting each other. Teamwork comes naturally to children. Teamwork is easily encouraged – through team projects, team sports, or nurturing their natural urge to work with their peers.

7. Entrepreneurship

Children have innate creativity and ideas they love to work on – through play or other creative pursuits. Believe it or not, this can quickly develop into entrepreneurial skills. Encouraging them to pursue their ideas and asking them questions (think ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ questions to help develop their thinking) will help this gift bloom.

This list is not exhaustive, and I’m sure the more you engage with your children, the more you’ll start to recognise their talents and gifts and that you can encourage them to keep developing.

The GT Scholars programme aims to help young people develop an intrinsic motivation for learning. We teach young people how to become better learners to attain excellent grades across all subjects.

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Elaine Mead