What makes a successful scholar – Is private tutoring enough? (Part 2)

What makes a successful scholar – Is private tutoring enough? (Part 2)

Rather than focusing on what independent schools are doing right and what state schools are doing wrong, we should really be looking at the attitudes and behaviours that you would see in any student that aims to get As or A* grades at school.

Most people would say that independent schools get better results because the teachers are better, classrooms are smaller or the students are generally ‘more able’ especially in selective schools where students have had to sit an exam before entering the school.

Others will say that independent school pupils are more likely to pay thousands of pounds for private tuition, parents are more likely to invest additional time in furthering their child’s education through extra-curricula activities and supported homework time, thereby giving them a more competitive advantage when compared to state school pupils.

But this doesn’t explain why some state school students still go on to achieve top grades at GCSE or A-level despite having good to a relatively ‘poor’ school. It doesn’t explain why some students attending top schools fail to get good grades.

When you take a look at many independent school or state school pupils that achieve top grades at GCSE or A-level, you will see that they have similar attributes.

The success of any young person (or even an adult), regardless of their background is dependent on a combination of self-motivation, strategy and support and these three things are hugely dependent on your environment.

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