What makes a successful scholar – A culture of self-motivation, strategy and support (Part 3)

What makes a successful scholar – A culture of self-motivation, strategy and support (Part 3)

Maths tutoring, English tutoring and Science tutoring are becoming more popular in schools. Many schools offer private home tutoring, after-school tutoring, and revision classes. Yet, poor attainment still needs to be improved for many state schools. However, we know that successful independent and state school pupils share common attributes. These behaviours and attitudes are the same attributes we foster in our scholars – Self-motivation, strategy and support.


It is important for all students to be motivated and consistently motivated. Many young people, just like adults, struggle to maintain their motivation. Self-motivation is something that many young people struggle with due to technology constantly providing a stream of distractions. Therefore, at GT Scholars we equip our scholars with the tools they need to stay intrinsically motivated throughout the year.


“Everybody needs somebody” For young people, that somebody could be a friend, a teacher, a parent, a coach or a mentor—someone who believes in you and helps you stay focused and motivated throughout the year. At GT Scholars, we create a support network for our scholars, and we encourage young people to build a support network outside of the programme so that they are always aware of who to turn to when they require help.


There is a lot of talk about young people lacking aspirations, but we know this isn’t true. Most young people have high aspirations but lack the support and strategies to achieve them.

If you lack strategy it can be difficult to remain motivated despite having support from parents. Therefore, having the right strategies is the key to achieving your goals.

The GT Scholars programme was created so that we could help young people realise their strengths and feel motivated to achieve their ambitions. We create a support system for scholars to feel confident about their abilities. We help our scholars set goals every year and devise strategies to realise their aspirations.

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