Parents: How to Secure Your Child’s Future in an Unpredictable World

Parents: How to Secure Your Child’s Future in an Unpredictable World

Last month the British public voted to leave the EU. Whether you are for or against the UK’s break away from the union, it’s safe to say that the future of the young generation is relatively less stable now than before the EU referendum. Fears for the economy are impacting an education system that has already seen its fair share of changes this year. Add to this just how much technology has changed the job market over the past twenty years with the rise of location-independent workforces and quicker communications, and it’s clear that the best way to secure your child’s future is to prepare them for an unpredictable world.

So how can you tutor preparation in your child? The best way is to raise them with skills that can benefit their attitude towards their future rather than their knowledge about it. Learning is essential, but motivation is critical.

5 Skills for Young People to Help Secure Their Future

1. A Growth Mindset

Fostering a growth mindset in your child will reduce their fears that some students are just naturally more gifted and talented than them and encourage them to overcome unpredictable obstacles rather than let them hold them back.

Not only does a growth mindset help students overcome failing a test or experiencing drastic structural changes to a school system. It will also encourage persistence when the time comes to find a job.

2. Digital skills

Computer literacy is as important today as being able to read and write in the 20th century. Even professions that appear to rely on manual labour will have digital administration systems, and at the very least, applying for work and managing your banking requires a certain level of experience online.

To prepare your child even more, free online coding classes and a number of other free online courses are available.

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3. An entrepreneurial mindset

In some ways, many of the qualities of an entrepreneurial mindset work alongside a growth mindset, such as learning from failure, persistence and a thirst for knowledge. But fostering entrepreneurial thinking in your child will also set them on a path of goal setting, learning how to find and use resources to meet those goals, and the independence to stand behind their entrepreneurial intentions with conviction.

4. Curiosity

Here at GT Scholars, we don’t believe that curiosity killed the cat. We believe that a child’s conscious effort to learn more about topics that interest them will set them up for a successful future in which they can learn independently of school systems, private tuition and parental guidance.

Please encourage your child to ask questions, travel and experience different cultures, learn new languages and try other hobbies because their curiosity in these areas will show them a world outside their own. Preparing for an unpredictable world can be helped significantly by showing your child that the world won’t just change in the future but is already a melting pot of differences from country to country.

5. Workplace Agility

Alongside the ever-changing nature of the workplace environment is the growing need for employees who can manage various task areas rather than just specialising in one. Your child’s success in an advertising role may, in the future, require them also to wear the design hat, write copy, and conduct outreach to digital media outside of traditional news and magazines, such as online blogs, Instagram influencers and musicians.

Developing workplace agility, in essence, the ability to switch between various jobs and job roles rather than remaining in one company department for 20 years, will help them build another skill to prepare them for success in an unpredictable world.

The GT Scholars programme is an after-school programme for ambitious young people who want to achieve top grades at school, get into top universities and enter competitive careers. We hope this is helpful to any parent worried about their child’s future in an unpredictable world, especially after the recent EU referendum. But we also believe in character education and promote this by teaching perseverance, resilience, confidence and self-motivation to prepare students for a successful future no matter what happens.

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Katie Dawes