Croydon youth get an educational boost from GT Scholars

Croydon youth get an educational boost from GT Scholars

In case you haven’t heard already, GT Scholars has recently received funding to continue it’s programme in the London borough of Croydon.

The programme will be running during the academic year from September to July. It will include private tutoring sessions, group activities and enrichment activities for all participants. Courses and workshops include everything from developing an exceptional CV, building a growth mindset, excelling in written exams and even how to get into Oxbridge.

The rise of private tutoring

More families than ever before are looking for private tutors to help their children realise their potential. A study by social mobility charity, the Sutton Trust, found that 44% of pupils in the capital had some form of private tutoring, or home tuition in the last year alone – up from a mere 35% in 2005. 62% of parents hoping to send their child to a grammar school have hired tutors to assist with the 11-plus exam, and the entire home tutoring industry in the UK is worth an astonishing £6bn.

The benefits of private tutoring are clear. Many children don’t thrive in the traditional classroom environment, where teachers have to develop lessons that will engage thirty unique individuals. The one-to-one time that children spend with private tutors can help empower them in exciting ways, taking their education to new heights and helping them to exceed all of their academic targets.

Lower-income families miss out on private tuition

But unfortunately, many families cannot afford to pay for private tutors to come and support their children on a one-to-one basis. A single hour of private tutoring in the capital can cost as much as £50.00 – a figure which is simply out of reach for many families in London. Indeed, the Sutton Trust’s research also found that children from families in the top 20% of earners are four times more likely to have a tutor than those from lower-income backgrounds.

This inequality affects disadvantaged young people throughout their lives, limiting their prospects considerably. Both Oxford and Cambridge University came under fire earlier this year, with research showing that those from lower-income backgrounds or deprived postcodes were accepted in far smaller numbers than those from desirable schools or affluent areas.

The GT Scholars approach

The GT Scholars Programme wants to help level the playing field in Croydon’s education system, by offering a high-impact, accelerated learning programme for young people between the ages of 11 and 16.

The course will give these young people the resources, skills and guidance they need to achieve their goals and realise their full potential – and best of all, as a social enterprise, GT Scholars is committed to using profits from their paid courses to provide free or discounted support to Croydon pupils from lower-income families. This approach will help improve the educational prospects of all young people throughout the area, rather than a small group.

The programme is designed with children in mind – and that means children at all levels of the academic spectrum. GT Scholars is not just for child geniuses or those who are really struggling – it’s for all ambitious young people who want to improve their life prospects through education.

Interested in finding out more about the GT Scholars Programme? Explore the website GT Scholars, or sign up for our weekly newsletter today!

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