7 Ways You or a Tutor can Prepare Your Child for Oxbridge

7 Ways You or a Tutor can Prepare Your Child for Oxbridge

The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge (collectively known as Oxbridge) are two of the most prestigious universities in the UK and the world. They have a long history of heritage and tradition that goes back at least nine centuries. They are globally recognised as places of focus for learning, culture, and intellectual debate.

It is no surprise that with such high esteem, both universities are highly sought after by new students worldwide. It’s incredibly competitive to get into Oxbridge.

In 2016, more than 19 000 people applied for the 3 200 undergraduate places at Oxford. These figures are undoubtedly daunting for students who wish to apply to these universities. It is clear that only the best of the best make the cut, so prospective students need to ensure they stand out from the immense crowd of applicants.

Children who aspire to study at Oxbridge will often need extra support from their parents, and that is not just about the funding.

So here are seven ways that parents can prepare their bright children for a place at these elite universities.

1. Start preparation early:

To study at Oxbridge, it is not just the early bird that catches the worm, but the early prepared bird. Dr Samina Khan, head of student admissions at Oxford, believes that children should start preparing for Oxbridge at the age of 11 and not just when they reach the sixth form. Children need ample time to develop and master their passion for subjects, which will help give them an advantage over others during interviews and applications. Thus, parents should make sure that their aspiring children start preparing early.

2. Provide additional resources:

To stand out, prospective students must show true mastery of and passion for the subject related to their desired degree programme. Students should go over and beyond their high school curriculum to develop this mastery. Their parents can support them by funding their extracurricular activities, providing them with books and research resources, and allowing them to do voluntary or paid work. For example, suppose a student wants to study medicine at Oxbridge. In that case, the parent can fund extra science classes, provide them with books and supplies to increase their skills and allow them to volunteer at hospitals and other health facilities.

3. Inform them of their choices:

Children mustn’t be just prepared for Oxbridge but also ready for the journey to Oxbridge. Children need to know what they must achieve and how much work they must put in to realise their aspirations. Knowing the difference between informing and discouraging children is essential, as you do not want to discourage a child from having an ambition. By informing children well in advance of the responsibilities of choosing Oxbridge, parents can avoid putting too much pressure on them during preparation. Pressure on any person has damaging effects, but pressure on children to achieve something has lasting adverse effects on their young minds and their future.

4. Take a tour of the university:

Parents can encourage an interest in Oxbridge by visiting the institutions with their children. As Dr Khan said, children are growing up in an age of Harry Potter, where the traditions and historical appeal of Hogwarts are appreciated and desired. Unlike Hogwarts, Oxford and Cambridge are real places of learning, but they still have the charm and beauty of tradition and magical Gothic architecture. Visiting would create a desire to encourage children to put their minds to getting a place earnestly. Follow the link for more information on visiting and tour times for Oxford or Cambridge.

5. Do your research:

The application process is complex and lengthy. There are forms to fill out, documents to get, and interviews to prepare for – it is a daunting task for a child. Parents have more experience filling out forms and doing interviews, so they should find out what they need and start collecting documents well in advance to decrease the load on their children. Parents should also research funding, scholarships, accommodation and other matters well in advance to prepare accordingly.

6. Get them a mentor:

Parents do not know everything. Perhaps they did not go to Oxbridge, or they did not go to university at all, so they do not know how to advise their aspiring children. Thus, getting a mentor for their children would do wonders by providing them with all the necessary skills and knowledge. The mentor could be an Oxbridge alumnus or even educated in the field of interest and could help them with the application process, with resources of interest, or even just some good direction and confidence-boosting.

7. Enrol them in a course or workshop:

With 19 000 undergraduate applicants, it would make sense that many prospective students seek help when applying to Oxbridge. Thus, many courses and workshops provide valuable assistance, such as developing a great personal statement and preparing for interviews. These courses and workshops can also provide important insider information and bursary opportunities.

Parents provide a vital support system when their children apply to university. This support system becomes even more critical when applying to Oxbridge due to the high number of applicants, which puts considerable pressure on children. As you can see, there are several ways parents can make an Oxbridge education possible for their child, which can guarantee them a bright and prosperous future.

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