Physical Health Education

BBC Teach
Suitable Age: Age 11-14;Age 14-16;Age 16-18;Age 4-8;Age 8-11
Description: This website offers thousands of free inter-active lessons and curriculum-mapped videos, arranged by age-group and subject.
Country: UK
Suitable Age: Age 0-4
Website Address:
Description: Beanstalk is a learning site for children aged 0-5, providing free access to parents during school closures. Join class anytime, from anywhere. With countless themes and class types for little ones. Their online classes are designed for different age groups considering each groups cognitive and social development needs.
Country: UK
JumpStart Jonny
Suitable Age: Age 8-11;Age 11-14;Age 14-16;Age 16-18
Description: Offers free and fun physical exercise videos and activities, with a new video every Monday for young people.
Country: UK
Oak National Academy (Daily lessons)
Suitable Age: Age 0-4, Age 4-8, Age 8-11, Age 11-14, Age 14-16, Age 16-18
Description: Oak National Academy was set up in 2020 to support the millions of young people in the UK studying from home. This website has daily lessons and resources for all ages. Set up by teachers, it follows the national curriculum. You can follow a set plan of lessons across a range of subjects or you can access particular lessons in certain subjects.
Country: UK
BBC Bitesize (Daily lessons)
Suitable Age: Age 0-4, Age 4-8, Age 8-11, Age 11-14, Age 14-16, Age 16-18
Description: BBC Bitesize has new daily lessons which can be access on the Bitesize website or on BBC iplayer – covering all subjects. With new lessons added every day, this is an excellent way to get learning during the school closure period.
Country: UK
Free School on Youtube
Suitable Age: Age 4-8, Age 8-11, Age 11-14
Description: Youtube channel. FreeSchool is a safe and friendly place to expose children to famous art, classical music, children’s literature, and natural science in an age-appropriate and kid-accessible way.