“This is the real secret to life—to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” Alan Watts
As a Creative, your superpower is your creative mind which might even border on genius! (Yes – it’s official!)
You know that being creative is not just about creating art, it’s about creatively solving problems, thinking outside of the box, testing out new ideas and bringing your ideas to life.
You see things in a way that not many people see and this is what draws people to you. Whether it’s using your skills and abilities to design a new product, brainstorming a marketing strategy or planning an exciting event, you’re always working on a new project and sometimes even working on multiple projects!
You often spot new ways of doing things and challenge the way in which things are done, which can make you an asset to any team.
You can often be a bit of a perfectionist but at the same time, others may view you as indecisive and unfocused – especially when you struggle to find where next to apply your creative energy. However, once you’ve made up your mind about your next project, you usually go all in, there really is no stopping you!
Your tutoring and mentoring style
As a Creative, your strength lies in helping people understand abstract and complicated ideas by simplifying them and bringing them to life. You’re constantly thinking outside of the box and this quality along with your fresh and dynamic perspective of life will make it easy for young people to engage with you and learn from you. Your ability to empower young people and give them a sense of agency will be invaluable to you as a volunteer tutor or mentor and young people will appreciate your natural ability to guide them to discover who they are for themselves without being restrictive.
Your Ambassador Style
As a Creative, you’re great at coming up with brilliant ideas and turning them into reality. You might enjoy getting involved with GT Scholars as an ambassador. This could mean using your creative skills to support the charity with its growth and development. Depending on where your creative skills lie, this might mean supporting GT Scholars with photography, videography, writing compelling blogs or digital content. It could also mean improving our branding, marketing or social media strategy.