What do our tutors do?

  • Our tutors work directly with young people in the after school sessions.
  • Maths, English or Science
  • Recommended books/textbooks/free online resources
  • Homework completed every week
  • Mark their own homework


  • Homework is given every week
  • 2 piece of homework

–1 topical – linked to the topics covered in the sessions

–1 longer piece of homework is generic and covers a range of content that the child should know

  • All homework is self-assessed so you can learn where the gaps are when the child comes back the following week











Format of a typical 60 minute lesson

  • 10-15 mins – Introduce to a new topic
  • 15-20 mins– Activity (Check understanding)
  • 10-15 mins – Give feedback on the activity (Using WWW & EBI)
  • 5-10 mins – Set homework for next week



  • 10 hours of tutoring per term

–This can be split into 1 x 10 hour sessions or 5 x 2 hour sessions etc

  • 2 hours of feedback per term

–You should always give a 30 minute intro at the start of the term

–The rest of the time can be split into 3 x 30 min sessions or 6 x 15 minute sessions ie.

  • Keep a record of hours
  • Email homework links to parents
  • Safeguarding purposes
  • Health & safety
  • You’re not giving conflicting advice
  • Build a relationship with parents
  • Get parents to see their child’s potential
  • Discuss progress with parents
  • Drop off and pick up
  • Payment for any activities*
  • A different type of family activity