All the school promotional materials can be found using the link below:

School promotion materials – Download here

This download pack includes the following items:

  1. Invitation email for pupils or parents
  2. Reminder emails for pupils or parents
  3. Flyer to attach to emails or message boards (PDF version)
  4. Flyer to attach to emails or message boards (PNG version)
  5. SMS message for parents
  6. FAQs for pupils & parents (PDF download)

We’ve put some more information for participating schools below. If you have any difficulty downloading the materials above or have any questions, please email

Who is this programme for?
This programme is for boys that are currently at risk of exclusion or a cause for concern (Must live in a London borough and must be in Years 8 & 9)

How can I encourage pupils apply to this programme?
We recommend that you select no more than 20 boys to sign up to this programme and you inform them directly that based on their leadership potential, they’ve been selected to take part in a leadership programme funded by Mayor of London. The promotional material explains everything that parents need to sign up and all parents must complete the application form, which can be found here:

When is the application deadline?
The applications must be received from parents by Monday 1st March

When will this programme begin?
This programme will start on Saturday 13th March and will run until July 2021

When will the sessions run?
All sessions will run on Saturdays or during half terms breaks

Who is the programme funded by?
This programme is fully funded by the Mayor of London

How will I know which pupils from my school, signed up to the programme?
We will ask parents to complete an application form which includes their child’s name and includes consent for us to follow up with you. Following this, we will contact you for you to confirm that the pupil attends your school.

Any further recommendations?

  • We recommend that you make additional phone calls to families that may be hard to reach.
  • We are promoting this as a leadership programme and we are letting the boys know that they have been selected because of their leadership potential
  • We recommend that you select the boys that you believe would benefit most from this programme.