All the school promotional materials can be found using the link below:

School promotion materials – Download here

This download pack includes the following items:

  1. Invitation email for pupils or parents
  2. Reminder emails for pupils or parents
  3. Flyer to attach to emails or message boards (PDF version)
  4. Flyer to attach to emails or message boards (PNG version)
  5. SMS message for parents
  6. Presentation material which can be shared with pupils and parents (View in presentation mode using Adobe PDF)
  7. Social media posts – suitable for Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin
  8. School Poster with QR code (PDF version)
  9. School Poster with QR code (PNG version)

We’ve put some more information about the programme below. However, if you have any difficulty downloading the material or have any questions, please email

How can parents & young people sign up to this event? Where is the registration page?
Pupils and parents must sign-up online

Can teachers attend this event?
Yes. We’d love for you to join us. Please sign up using the registration page:

Do pupils need to attend every workshop & masterclass?
No. There will be various workshops running from 9.30am-4pm. Parents & Pupils can choose the workshops they want to attend.

Which year groups will be able to join? How will we know how many pupils attended from our school?
We recommend that you promote this to pupils in Years 8 to 13 as there will be different sessions suited to different ages. If you are signed up to membership, you will be sent details of the number of pupils that attended from your school.

When is the next Careers Day?
We aim to run the Online Careers Day twice a year – October & February. This will usually be on a Saturday or during a half-term break, so that it does not conflict with core curriculum hours. The Careers day will usually run from about 9.30am until 4.30pm with each masterclass/workshop being optional ie. pupils & parents can choose which sessions they wish to attend.

Will the sessions be interactive? How long are the workshops?
Yes, pupils will be sending in their questions by using an app. They can also ‘upvote’ their favourite questions. This ensures that the moderator for each session can put forward the most relevant questions to the speakers. Each masterclass and Q&A session is approximately 60-90 mins long.

Who is this for? How old must you be?
The Careers Day is for Parents & Young people. Pupils attending must be aged 13-18. 

Is the Careers Day free to attend?
Yes. The Careers Day is funded by our partners & sponsors, and it is entirely free for parents and young people to attend.

Do parents need to give consent?
Yes. In order to attend the live workshops, pupils must have consent from a parent. 

What if pupils miss the live workshops?
Replays will be available for 48 hours after the event. This will also be available to pupils that have registered but parents have not given consent.

Will you be able to give us a list of the names of the pupils that attended this event?
For schools on Bronze membership, we will be able to provide you with pupil numbers and year groups, but not the names of the pupils that attended. For data protection reasons, we are only able to provide schools with pupil names after a parent has joined one of our programmes, having given written consent to you and GT Scholars.

Will pupils need to turn on their cameras? Which safeguarding measures are in place? Will the speakers have access to our pupils and their details?
No. The Careers Day will be online and we will be using a webinar format. Which means that pupils can see the speakers but the speakers cannot see the pupils and other attendees. We ask attendees to please respect the privacy of our speakers and ask questions on the day, not after the day. We also ask speakers to report any individuals that attempt to make contact with them after the careers day.

Who will benefit most from this event?
This event is for any young person aged 13-18. We recommend that you promote this to all your pupils, regardless of their current career aspirations and no matter where they are on their career journey.

What can pupils and parents expect from the event? What sort of Careers support will you be giving?
We’ve been running the annual careers day for the past 5 years and it’s one of our most popular events. Throughout the day, various speakers will be sharing their personal stories and experiences. The careers day is designed to be a fun, informal and interactive event. We don’t put pressure on pupils to choose a career and we don’t expect them to leave the event with all the answers.

Our goal is to help pupils understand that no aspiration is too big, to show pupils that there are many opportunities available to them and to help pupils feel confident as they begin to see the bigger picture and get an idea of what they could do with their skills after school. 

Ultimately, we want pupils  to go back to school feeling positive – knowing that the decisions that they make at school and the skills and attitudes that they build and develop each day, can help them create a better future for tomorrow. 

Is there any support available after the event?
After the day, we’ll continue to inform parents and pupils about work experience and internship opportunities available to young people. However, parents and pupils must give consent in order to access this.

What other support do you provide to young people beyond the Careers day?
We have a newsletter which includes many free blogs and free resources that pupils and parents can access via our website. We also send regular updates about career opportunities via email. Schools can also access the Career Insight Programme which is only available on Silver or Gold membership and this gives your pupils access to 1-to-1 CV Reviews, 1-to-1 Interview feedback, 1-to-1 careers advice and online courses. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Any further recommendations?

  • We recommend that you send Reminder emails and SMS messages to families that you believe would benefit from joining this event. 
  • Where possible, please encourage parents to attend this event
  • This event is a great opportunity to for parents as they will get to hear from inspirational volunteers, who can share their experiences on how best to support their children