Tutoring & Mentoring Programmes (School FAQs)

Tutoring is in Maths or English up to GCSE. Although many of our programmes are open to Years 7-11, we prefer that you promote this to pupils in Years 9-10. We only work with Year 11 pupils in Terms 1 & 2.

It’s best to share this programme with the entire year group as we typically get about 10-30 applicants from a cohort of about 300 pupils. So if you send this to 30 pupils, you may only end up having 1 applicant.

Yes, parents can enrol more than one child on the programme and they can also apply for tutoring in more than one subject i.e., Maths and English – there is usually an additional fee for the second subject, but we will explain this to parents when we meet.

We expect each scholar to maintain at least 80% attendance for their tutoring and/or mentoring sessions. We also expect scholars to complete at least 1 personal development course each academic term. We’ve found that the scholars that benefit the most from our programmes are able to maintain a minimum of 80% attendance at all sessions.

This programme is entirely free for schools to participate in.

We use a 3:2:1 scholarship model, which means that for every 3 paid places, we offer 2 partial scholarships & 1 full scholarship. Our 100% scholarships are only available to young people on free school meals. Partial scholarships are means-tested and based on household income. Please note that there are a limited number of 100% scholarships available.

In order to maintain our 3:2:1 Scholarship model, we’d kindly ask that you please promote this to a broad range of pupils including pupils that aren’t on Free School Meals. This ensures that we’re able to offer as many places as possible.

No. Our 3:2:1 ratio is not school-specific. We offer free places, based on the total number of full fee applications received.

This isn’t a paid programme for schools. This is because all of the tutoring & mentoring sessions take place outside of school hours and we need to work directly with parents. However, we have similar programmes that you may be interested in. Please email schools@gtscholars.org if you’d like to set up a meeting to discuss this.

Yes. However, free places are only available to pupils that attend state schools.

Our selection process is based on the strength of individual applications, a short essay submission & supporting documents. Our goal is to make sure that we’re offering places to pupils that need it most. The essay selection is not based on writing skills. It is based on a genuine interest in joining the programme.

Full scholarships are awarded for 1 term only (12 weeks), and partial scholarships are offered for 1 year. They are reviewed at the end of each academic term, based on total household income as well as current levels of attendance & participation.

It’s unlikely that parents will be offered a full scholarship for more than one child or more than one subject. However, if parents have applied for a partial scholarship, we may contact them to discuss this. There is usually an additional fee for this, which will be discussed at the time of offering their scholarship

Our scholarships are entirely funded by our organisation. They are not government funded and we are heavily oversubscribed for our scholarship programmes. We do not have an appeals process and we cannot guarantee that pupils will be selected for a scholarship. We do not recommend re-applying as this won’t necessarily increase your chance of being selected. If pupils are not offered a full or partial scholarship, we would recommend that they make use of the free resources that we provide throughout the year such as free webinars for parents & free workshops for young people.

Our goal is to support as many young people and parents as possible, especially families that are unable to join our programmes. We, therefore, offer a wide range of free events & workshops for young people and free webinars for parents throughout the year.

Parents can get alerts on all of our free events and resources by signing up to our social media platforms or by subscribing to the weekly newsletter for parents which can be found at: www.gtscholars.org/subscribe

Yes, we recommend that parents and pupils select their programme and subject at the application stage. Please be aware that for full or partial scholarship applications, we may not be able to offer parents and pupils’ first choice. We may contact parents with an alternative offer if their first choice is not immediately available.

No. If the information in their initial application is still correct, they will not need to apply again. They can email the team at contactus@gtscholars.org to ask that their application is deferred or moved forward to the proceeding term. Please note that if they are applying for a partial or full scholarship, they may need to resend their documents as we only consider documents issued within the current financial year and/or documents that are less than 3 months old.

Our tutors are students & graduates from top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, LSE and King’s College London. All our tutors are specialists within their subject ie. have a degree related to the subject they are tutoring. Mentors are graduates or professionals in fields that our scholars aspire to. Many of our mentors work in top organisations such as Google, Goldman Sachs & Accenture.


Our tutors and mentors are volunteers, giving up their evenings and weekends. We’ve found that they are extremely dedicated because they want to support young people. All our volunteers are DBS-checked and they hold an Enhanced DBS certificate. They are also trained for their volunteer tutor or mentor role which includes the necessary safeguarding training.

Tutoring sessions take place online via a live video feed and a shared online whiteboard. Tutoring sessions are in Maths or English. Pupils will get 12 hours of support each term including 10 hours of direct 1-to-1 tutoring and 2 hours of feedback meetings with the tutor.

We recommend that sessions are scheduled to take place weekly (1-hr session once a week)Sessions are flexible, so if a session is missed one week parents can arrange with tutors to make it up in the following week.

As part of this programme, scholars on our programme get access to 6 hours of mentoring each term. Mentoring sessions take place online via a live video feed eg. Skype or Google hangouts. Sessions are flexible & can be scheduled to take place every month or every fortnight eg. 2 hours/month x 3 months.

Although our tutors and mentors are DBS checked and have received safeguarding training, all mentoring and tutoring sessions must be arranged by parents and guardians. For safeguarding reasons parents must not leave their children to arrange tutoring or mentoring sessions or allow scholars to meet up with mentors without being present.

Each term pupils on our programme will be matched with two different individuals. Pupils will receive with one tutor match and one mentor match.

After parents complete the application form, pupils will have the opportunity to answer some short essay questions. We will usually match a pupil with a tutor or mentor based on the answers given within the pupil’s essay.

As part of the programme, pupils will receive their own login to complete the courses in the online learning hub. Online courses include, How to Ace your Exams, How to Develop a Growth Mindset, How to Choose a Career. In addition to all the courses that are already on the hub; each term, pupils will receive access to 2 new online personal development courses to the online learning hub. These courses include live Q&A sessions and group coaching sessions with the facilitators.

The live sessions are usually on Mondays from 4.30-6pm or Saturdays from 11am-12.30pm. If pupils are unable to attend the live sessions, they can watch the replays which will be made available within the online learning hub.

Some scholars start on the programme from age 11 and others join us at age 17. There is a different focus for each programme. You may choose to stay on a programme for as long as is needed. For some young people that means staying on the programme for three years. For others, this may mean joining the programme for just one year.

Unfortunately, there is a limit on the number of young people that we can work with each year, and inevitably some young people will not be selected for the programme. We recognise that this can be disappointing but we will continue to give ongoing support through our mailing list, social media channels and free support site: https://support.gtscholars.org

Parents can sign-up to programme alerts, by registering their interest. Parents can do this at any time of the year by visiting: www.gtscholars.org/register-your-interest.

We have a newsletter that includes many free blogs and free resources that pupils and parents can access via our website. We also send regular updates about career opportunities via email. Schools can also access the Career Insight Programme which is only available on Silver or Gold membership and this gives your pupils access to 1-to-1 CV Reviews, 1-to-1 Interview feedback, 1-to-1 careers advice and online courses. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

No. We do not offer any scholarships for the Young Leaders Programme. The scholarships are only available to young people on our tutoring and mentoring programmes – Bright Ambitions, Headstart & Young Leaders Plus.

Parents can sign pupils up for the young leaders programme, by visiting courses.gtscholars.org/p/young-leaders-programme. Parents can choose to pay monthly or pay for the annual membership.

Yes, but it’s very minimal. We will ask for confirmation of free school meals as well as current & predicted grades for pupils that have been offered a free place or partial scholarship. For data protection reasons, the request form will be sent to you directly from each pupils’ parent or guardian.

  • Where possible, please try to promote this to a broad range of pupils to help us maintain our 3:2:1 scholarship model.
  • We recommend that you send reminder emails and SMS messages to families no later than 1 week before the application deadline – this will allow them to complete their application to start the programme in time. 
  • We have a few enrollment weeks leading up to the deadline, so the sooner parents apply to enrol their child in the programme the more likely they are to receive an offer to join the programme.
  • Where possible, please encourage parents to attend the live online parent information session. This info session is for parents and pupils at your school or would like more information.

The 3:2:1 Scholarship model means that for every 3 paid places, we offer 2 partial scholarships & 1 full scholarship.

The first step to getting started with the application process is for parents to register their interest by visiting: www.gtscholars.org/register-your-interest