This form below is only for scholarship applicants. For all other applications, please use the following page:

We offer partial and full scholarships for most of our programmes, subject to proof of income or proof of Free School Meals.

  1. We use our own profits to provide scholarships to young people from lower income homes. Our scholarships are not government funded. This means that there will always be a limited number of scholarships that we can provide each term.
  2. The scholarship application process is extremely competitive. We typically receive about 30 applications for every 1 scholarship place that we offer.
  3. Our full scholarships (100% Scholarships) are only open to young people on Free School Meals attending state schools in England.
  4. Our partial scholarships are only open to families with a total household income under £40,000 per annum
  5. Our intake periods are September, December & March. We recommend that scholarship applicants send in their application at least 4 weeks before our intake dates.

If you’d like to apply for one of our scholarship places, please use the form below. We’ll send you further details of our programmes including the application process, key dates and deadlines.