Our Charity

The GT Scholars Foundation is our registered charity, set up to boost social mobility for young people from low income and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Who do we work with?

We run high-impact leadership & learning workshops and programmes with young people that need it the most including young people in receipt of free school meals and young people living in care.

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Strategies + Skills + Support

So how can we help you? We have four key learning strands which ensure that our scholars are equipped with the strategies, skill and support needed to achieve their goals. Click below to find out about each of our learning strands.

Is your child using the right strategies?

Most young people are ambitious. They have high aspirations and work hard but often fail to achieve their full potential. Our courses, workshops and programmes equip young people with the strategies, confidence and personalised support they need to achieve excellent grades at school, get into top universities and enter competitive careers.


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More than just a tutoring programme

The GT Scholars Programme is an accelerated learning programme, designed to be affordable to all young people, regardless of their household income. As part of the programme, your child will receive personalised tutoring, mentoring, enrichment and skill-building activities to give your child the best chance of succeeding at school and beyond. Click below to find out more.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for young people aged 11 to 16 that meet the following criteria:

✔ Keen to achieve grade A*-C (Grades 9-4) at GCSE in all subjects

✔ Ready to improve grades and take the steps to achieve academic or career aspirations

✔ Willing and open to learning and growing

✔ Prepared to attend and participate in all sessions

What our scholars say

  • It was difficult at the beginning because you already have so much to do at school and it feels like you don't have time but you actually get used to it. I've moved up a set in my French and my Maths. I'm actually looking forward to my GCSEs!

    Abi, age 15
  • I've learned that learning means you have to push yourself...no one can make you learn...It's a bit like sports...If you don't push yourself you won't get better...I'd say I have improved because I'm making more of an effort and I'm better with organising my time and my homework.

    Shaun, age 12
  • It's a good programme...you start to see that actually you are quite clever...because now in class I understand things and I don't get worried when we have a new topic because I know that if I just focus I will be able to understand it.

    Gabrielle, Age 11

I’d like to know more

If you’d like to find out more, please read through our application process and register your interest so we can meet with you at our next information session for parents, carers and young people.

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