The challenge for small charities like GT Scholars:

Did you know that 72.2% of available funding goes to large charities each year, whereas small charities with a turnover of under £100,000 only get 3% of available funding (The Charity Commission)?

This shows that small charities face major challenges when it comes to fundraising and getting support, even though they need more support. According to the Strength in Numbers report by The Charity Commission, 22% of small charities that were surveyed felt that promoting their organisation and maintaining their profile presented a significant challenge, especially when competing with large charities with more resources.

How you can help:

As a small charity, we’re constantly looking for ways to increase our visibility, raise our profile, increase our income, reach more volunteers and ultimately impact more young people! By becoming an ambassador, you’ll be able to help us achieve all of this and help us become a more sustainable social enterprise!

Volunteer ambassadors are active volunteers with GT Scholars who are passionate about social mobility for young people from low-income homes and share the same mission, vision and goals as GT Scholars.

Our volunteer ambassadors meet online 4-6 times a year, using their professional experience and expertise to help us set and meet fundraising goals. They work together on a range of volunteer-led fundraising projects throughout the year and work collaboratively with the team at GT Scholars, helping us make a difference in the lives of hundreds of young people each year.

Why do we need volunteer ambassadors?
Volunteer ambassadors use their skills and expertise to help raise our profile, help raise vital funds for upcoming projects and help us spread the word about our impact and the amazing projects that we run each year.

By becoming a volunteer ambassador, you’ll be committing to helping us increase our income through fundraising, you’ll represent GT Scholars at various internal and external events, you’ll help us forge new relationships and you’ll help us expand our network of support. You’ll also become a go-to person within your organisation or university, a vital contact for GT Scholars and a bridge between us and your network.

Who are we looking for?
We’re looking for volunteers that can volunteer 2-3 hours per month throughout the year and volunteers that want to use their skills and expertise to support the growth and development of GT Scholars as a social enterprise.

In order to become an ambassador, you’ll need to:

  • Be available for online meetings with other ambassadors 4-6 times a year
  • Be proactive, passionate and committed to tackling educational inequality and improving social mobility for young people from low income and disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Be committed to our organisation’s vision, mission and aims
  • Be keen to connect us with staff at your university, corporate place of work or within the charity or business sector.
  • Be able to represent GT Scholars by speaking and networking at external events
  • Enjoy meeting and working with people from a range of backgrounds and professions.

What do our Volunteer Ambassadors do?
We’re looking for ambassadors that can: 

  • Attend 4-6 ambassador meetings throughout the year (These meetings are usually online)
  • Attend networking events to help us connect and collaborate with more organisations
  • Help us shape and plan volunteer socials and fundraising events for the year
  • Promote GT Scholars both online and offline, to your existing networks and championing the social mobility agenda
  • Be confident in speaking to the press for interviews about volunteering and making a difference in the lives of young people
  • Speak at internal and external events to help us reach more young people, parents, volunteers and/or corporate partners etc.

How do I become a volunteer ambassador?
If you’re interested in this role, please email the volunteer coordinator or fill in the contact form on the website.