Dear Parents,

Over the past few months, there has been a great deal of uncertainty about our bursary funding. Many funders have been and are still being extremely cautious about their spending.

We had hoped that the bursary amount would be confirmed by April 2016. However, we are closely approaching September 2016 and we have still not received full confirmation on the bursary amount for the year.

This of course comes as a huge disappointment to us, as it means that the funded aspects of our programme will need to be placed on hold. Our free enrichment activities will be put on hold and we will not be able to offer new bursary places until we have a decision from our funders.

For families that are already on the programme, we will continue to support you up to the end of your GCSE year. For families that are considering joining the programme, we would recommend that you complete the bursary application and an interview will only be scheduled after funding has been confirmed.

We are aware that this news will be quite disappointing to families that planned to apply for a bursary to join the programme in September 2016. We had hoped that a decision would have been made and the matter would have been resolved by May/June 2016 at the very latest so please accept our sincere apologies for the delays with contacting you about this.

The application form is now available for you to complete. If you have any questions, we would recommend that you click on this link to schedule a telephone appointment with a member of our team or email and we will do our best to answer any questions you have.