Prior to joining GT Scholar’s Programe, all students are required to complete an initial assessment. The assessment day includes an initial assessment, an interview and a chance for parents and carers to meet with a member of our team. Please allow a total of 2 hours for the assessment day. The aim of the assessment is to helps us determine your child’s suitability for the accelerated learning programme and decide on the most suitable mentor or tutor to match your child with.

Preparing for the assessment session: The initial assessment is usually 60-90 minutes long, details will be confirmed in an email to you. The exam will usually cover topics from the National Curriculum or your child’s examination board. This helps us understand your child’s current attainment. There are no special requirements for the assessment session and your child does not need to do any extra revision to prepare for this.

Preparing for the interview: The 15-20 minute interview is a chance for us to get to know your son or daughter. Students are usually interviewed by one or two members of the team. The aim of the interview is to understand each child’s current motivations for learning as well as their ambitions for the future. It also helps us understand the areas that your child will require more support.

Additional time: We would ask you to arrive on time and bring any necessary learning equipment. Please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your assessment. We would also appreciate it if you could meet with the head tutor for 10-15 minutes after the interview so that you can discuss your personal goals with the head tutor.

Arranging your assessment session: If you would like to visit us or arrange an assessment session, please call us on 020 88168066 or complete the online registration form. This will request further details of your tuition needs and take you to the payment page. Please ensure that payment for assessment fees is made at least 24 hours before attending your assessment session. This helps tutors and Headtutor know which students to expect at the tuition centre.