The odds of a child at a state secondary school who is eligible for free school meals in Year 11 being admitted to Oxbridge is almost 2,000 to 1 against. By contrast, the odds of a privately educated child being admitted to Oxbridge are 20 to 1.*

At the moment in England, there is a huge gap in attainment for students from disadvantaged backgrounds and their peers from higher income households.

The means that from birth, if you are born to a family of a lower income household, you only have a 47% chance of gaining 5 A*-C grades at GCSE, you only have a 36% chance of gaining entrance into university, you have an 11% chance of gaining entrance into a Russell Group university and you have a 0.1% chance of gaining entrance into Oxbridge.

“We believe that your family background should not determine your future”

We believe that attending university can significantly aid social mobility. We believe that students from lower income households should be able to achieve better grades at school. We also believe that students from disadvantaged backgrounds are no less deserving of a place at top universities, than their peers from higher income homes.

By working in partnership with schools, parents and organisations, our goal is to tackle the issues of low social mobility among students from lower income households and help students achieve their best throughout their academic careers.

As well as providing Maths and English tuition to our students, we provide them with a mentoring and enrichment programme. Our goal is to help them to develop a growth mindset, to help them build confidence and resilience and ultimately to help them develop the core skills that are required for success in school, work and in life.


*Independent Reviewer analysis using data from Sutton Trust Responding to the New Landscape for University Access, 2010 and Department for Education Schools, Pupils and their characteristics, 2010.