“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Neale Donald Walsch
As an Explorer, you are always exploring new ideas and you are open to trying new things. Ideas come to you easily and no matter how wacky they are, you’re not afraid to test them out! As an Explorer, you’re not afraid of going against the grain and challenging the status-quo.
You enjoy taking part in a variety of projects and activities that are fun and exciting, but will also challenge you! Challenge is crucial for you and if it’s not challenging then you’re unlikely to enjoy it!  
Even though your ideas and your approach may change, you’re consistent with your vision. People may see you as courageous for being ready to try new things and putting yourself out there – but the truth is that you’re not completely fearless!
As an Explorer, you know that courage isn’t the absence of fear, but a decision to be bold and try new things despite your fears. Some people might see your optimism as naive but you’ve learned that it’s better to stay optimistic than to drown in pessimism.
Your resilience, energy and enthusiasm is magnetic and can be used as a force for good as people are inspired by you and feel drawn to join you and support your ideas.
Your tutoring and mentoring style
As an Explorer, you naturally strive to keep improving and developing yourself, you’re constantly testing the limits of what is possible and this will make you an excellent role model to young people. Your drive and ambition to keep achieving your goals and your ability to remain resilient is inspiring. As a volunteer tutor or mentor, you’ll be able to help young people develop grit and help them to come up with strategies to bounce back and overcome setbacks when they arise. More importantly, you’ll be able to able to help young people develop a growth mindset and help them along their journey and get a sense of what they can achieve when they put their mind to it.
Your Ambassador Style
As an Explorer, you’re great at stepping outside of your comfort zone! Your passion and enthusiasm for exploring often gets others to join you and do the same! You might enjoy getting involved with GT Scholars as an ambassador. Being an ambassador could mean working on a variety of projects. Depending on where your skills lie, this might mean designing exciting new content for a workshop, leading a brainstorming session to crowdsource ideas for the charity or working with a team to plan a volunteer social or fundraising activity to raise money for GT Scholars.