What GT Scholars is doing to narrow the gap in attainment

The GT Scholar’s Programme is a social enterprise with a mission to tackle educational inequality.

Research has shown that there are thousands of students that are underachieving at school; this is particularly true for students from lower income backgrounds.

In 2013, out of 85,000 GCSE students on Free School Meals, only 39% were able to gain 5 A*-C grades. For non-FSM only 65% gained 5 A*-C grades. (Data from The Department for Education 2014).

But the problems don’t just end at GCSE, they continue into A-levels.

For students from the lowest income homes, there is only a 4% chance of gaining entrance into a Russell Group university. For a typical state school student, there is a 20% chance of gaining entrance into one of the top universities and for students from independent schools, there is a 64% chance of gaining entrance into a top university. (Data from The Department for Education and The Department for Innovation and Skills)

Considering that there are a large number of universities that are classed as the “top universities in the UK”, it is disheartening to know that many pupils from lower income homes and state schools are still failing to gain access to these universities.

Research has shown that a student that was highly able in primary school and from a lower income household is less likely to go to a top university when compared to a student that was not-very able in primary school but is from a higher income household.

This is because the gap in attainment between pupils from richer and poorer homes widens throughout school. Students from higher income homes experience accelerated progress in secondary school and during A-levels, which is usually the stage where pupils from lower income homes and state schools begin to lag behind their peers.

This effectively means that your family income will ultimately dictate your academic future and life chances.

The GT Scholar’s Programme was founded with the goal of narrowing the gap in attainment and tackling the current problems of low social mobility in the UK. Our goal is to change the statistics and get more pupils from state schools and lower income homes into the most selective universities and the most competitive careers.

We are on a mission to give every student the chance to succeed at school and in life.

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