How is the programme funded?
This programme is fully funded by the Mayor of London & National Lottery Fund. There is no cost to participating parents or participating schools. 

Session dates & Information
Sessions run throughout the academic year from February to July. The majority of sessions take place on weekday evenings and weekends. Some sessions may be scheduled to take place during half-term or Easter school holidays. 

Lunch will be provided for full day events and activities. Please note that we are unable to cover the cost of travel to and from enrichment or mentoring sessions.

Attendance & Punctuality
For you to get the most out of the programme, we recommend being punctual for any planned programme sessions and workshop days. Scholars are expected to maintain a minimum of 80% attendance throughout the duration of the programme.

Failure to keep attendance above 80%, will result in your place on the programme being terminated and you will also not have access to a place on any of our future programmes, workshops or courses.

Will my child fit in?
This isn’t a place where you need to fit in. It’s a place where we want you to stand out and be yourself. Our scholars are very different from each other and we like it this way – some are interested in sports, others are interested in music. Some are already quite ‘academic’ and others are still trying to find their feet. They all share one thing in common – they have the desire and determination to succeed. If that describes you, then you’re on the right programme and you don’t need to worry about fitting in!

Behaviour & special needs
Unfortunately, due to the limited capacity of the programme, we are unable to manage any serious behaviour or severe learning difficulties that children may present. All cases will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. It’s important that we are aware of this so that adequate arrangements can be made. We may choose not to accept students that have failed to mention important information at the application stage.  Please note that we will not tolerate any offensive behaviour towards our volunteers and staff.

Safeguarding & Communication your sessions
Even though all of our staff and volunteers are DBS checked, we expect parents and carers to be responsible for all correspondence to our staff and volunteers. Young people are not allowed to share their direct contact details or make any arrangements directly with any staff or volunteers.

Data protection
GT Scholars CIC is registered under the data protection Act and hold and use client data for the purposes of the services that it provides. Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to protecting the privacy of our users and the information that you share. To find out more information about what information we collect; how we process and manage such information and your rights with respect to the use and disclosure of the same, please follow this link: