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for ambitious young people aged 11-18

Are you ready to change things for good?

Is your child underperforming at school?
Does your child seem to lack the motivation and determination needed to succeed?
Is your child struggling with confidence or lack of direction?
Is your child highly motivated but not getting the results that he/she deserves?
Do you keep wondering why your child isn’t as focused as he/she needs to be? Are you fed up of complaining, arguing, pleading or just hoping that things will change?

If you’re ready for change, then it’s time to stop hoping and start taking action!

I'm ready for this!

What would happen if your child learned the core skills needed to succeed?

These days, teenagers have a lot to contend with! School, life, friendships, extra-curricula activities… and let’s not even talk about technology, gaming, social media…it’s no wonder that some of the most important life skills get left behind.

You’re here because you know that success doesn’t happen by chance…

What would happen if your child learned…

  • How to stay motivated
  • How to improve their memorisation technique
  • How to boost their grades
  • How to network
  • How to invest in the financial markets
  • How to understand and leverage your personality and strengths
  • How to get into Oxbridge
  • How to choose positive friendships
  • How to find and get an international study scholarship
  • How to negotiate
  • How to land a high paying internship…

  • How to set and achieve goals
  • How to choose a career
  • How to manage your time
  • How to manage your mental, emotional and physical health
  • How to form healthy relationships with healthy boundaries
  • How to study & revise
  • How to develop a growth mindset
  • How to manage & navigate around difficult people
  • How to invest in the financial markets

It's time to teach strategies…not just subjects!

Let’s talk about the 21st century education system…

Whilst technology has modernised today’s education system, the fundamental principles and purpose of the education system, has remained the same for over 150 years. Schools are still focused on teaching subjects and helping children pass exams and get a job, when they should be teaching strategies to help children build a successful life!

There are so many things we need to teach young people if we want them to be able to create success throughout their lives…yet most schools aren’t even close to teaching these lessons! So the question for you is…Do you want more?

Yes - I want more!

Can you afford to leave it to chance?

It’s not worth leaving it to chance. Most people assume that their children will eventually learn these essential skills as they transition through their teenage years… but the reality is that very few teenagers figure it out on their own.

Many people spend their 20s and 30s and sometimes even their 40s figuring out the things that should have been learned in their teenage years. We call this the double loss.

What is the double loss?

The double loss means that by not having learned essential life skills in your teenage years, you first lose out in your teenage years but you lose out AGAIN as in your early adult years, where you make key decisions that can affect you for the rest of your life.

The double loss means that many adults today are facing challenges because of the key lessons and truths that weren’t taught to them when they were younger; lessons on how to navigate and be successful in life. Thankfully there is a way to set your child up for success in life and create a double win!

So what’s the solution? How do you create the Double Win?

The solution isn’t more maths, more science, more computing, more homework, more tutors, more chores, more discipline, less pocket money, less screen time and less socialising. The solution is to change your strategy. And here’s some more good news – You don’t have to give up your career or homeschool your teen in order to see a change!

All the support you need to create the double win, is waiting for you right here in the Success Academy!!

I'm ready to create the double win!

So what’s included in the Success Academy?

As part of your monthly membership, you’ll get access to:
Monthly Live Coaching sessions: Get access to monthly expert-led live group coaching sessions for young people
Weekly Study Hall: Join the weekly study-hall sessions, so you can get the support needed to set and achieve your study goals for the week
Online Courses: Get access to dozens of expert-led online courses within the online learning hub with 6 new premium courses added each year
Support from your network: Join the network of ambitious young people who are also taking steps to succeed at school and beyond
Parent Webinars: Get access to exclusive live parent webinars, training and support, just for parents

And there’s more…

Research from Harvard psychologists, showed that up to 95% of your success in life is determined by the people you habitually associate with – that’s huge! When you join the Success Academy, you’ll get support from your peers & you’ll be part of a global network of ambitious young people that are changing the status quo!

Now who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

Yes - I want to be a part of this!

We have one mission!

We have one mission and it’s simple – to help young people achieve their full potential.
But what does it really take to achieve your full potential? What does it take to achieve success and achieve your aspirations in life?
Well it turns out that there’s a formula for success.
We call this the 3S formula – Scroll down to find out more!

Are you ready for some truth?

This is the truth – Hard work and determination does not equal success!

Most people are taught that hard work + determination = success but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. If this was true, then pretty much every person with a job would be successful but we know that this is not the case. As part of the Success Academy, we’ll show your child how to maximise their potential by using the 3s formula – building the right skills, using the right strategies and creating the right support network.

I'm ready to help implement the 3s formula!

We’ll teach you the strategies & skills that you need to succeed!

As a member of the Success Academy, you’ll get access to ALL of our premium online courses
PLUS you’ll get access to 6 new premium online courses each year.
Here are just some of the courses in the online hub…

What could your child achieve in the next 6-12 months?

What if your child learned pretty much everything that it takes to succeed at school and in life? If your child become more confident in the skills and strategies for success? What would happen if your child learned and implement ALL of this? Where would he or she be 6 months from now? 12 months from now? 4 years from now?

The Success Academy will be Perfect for you if…

✓You want your child to spend time with, and learn from a network of ambitious peers
✓You want your child to navigate through their teenager AND adult years with ease!
✓You want your teen to benefit from weekly group study sessions & coaching sessions
✓You can dedicate approx. 15 minutes per week to check-in and support your teen’s progress

I'm ready for this

But I struggle with my confidence, What if I don’t have what it takes?

So here’s the thing… YOU already have what it takes to be successful.
You don’t have to change your personality, the way you look, the way you talk, the way you laugh or the way you smile!
In fact, you NEED to stay 100% yourself in order to be successful. 

Most of the time, the change that needs to happen are your thoughts, your beliefs, 
your actions and your strategy.
This will change your results – and this is where we come in!

Here’s what other parents & young people
are saying about the success academy!

Here’s How You Can Get Started!

 ✓ Step 1 – Sign up to join the Success Academy using the link below.

 ✓ Step 2 –  Watch the short introduction video, so you know how to make the most out of the Success Academy.

 ✓ Step 3 – Once you’re signed up, we’ll email you with payment information and you’ll get all the information you need so you can access to the online learning hub, the study hall sessions, the group coaching sessions and all the other awesome training and support offered in the GT Scholars Success Academy!

I'm ready to get started!

Your FAQs

What’s the minimum commitment? Membership is paid monthly and you can cancel at any time, provided you give at least 21 days notice. If you cancel, you must allow at least 12 months before rejoining.

How many hours of learning is involved each week? You’ll have approximately 1.5 hour of live learning or recorded course content that you can access each week. In addition to this, there are group study hall sessions which run throughout the week.

What is the process for joining the Success Academy? You can sign up to the Success Academy by using any of the links on this page.

What time do the live sessions run? What happens if I miss this? The live sessions usually run on Monday afternoons 4.30-6pm UK time or Saturday mornings 11am-12.30pm UK time. If you’re unable to attend the live sessions, you can watch the recordings.

What time do the group study hall sessions run? How will the study hall sessions help me? There’s a wide body of research that shows the numerous advantages to working alongside someone else. Group study sessions are silent study hall sessions where all scholars can tune in set goals and study quietly, knowing that someone else around the world is doing the same. Study hall sessions run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6am, 12pm, 6pm and 12am UK time, this is designed to cover all time zones.

I’d like to join the GT Scholars Success Academy. How much does membership cost? Membership is £180 per month

Do you offer any scholarships for the GT Scholars Success Academy? We don’t currently offer scholarships for the academy. However, you can apply for our Bright Ambitions 3:2:1 scholarship which includes access to the success academy as well as 1-to-1 tutoring and 1-to-1 mentoring. Applications for the 3:2:1 scholarship open three times a year. Please note that places are extremely competitive for this programme and scholarships are currently only open to young people living in the UK.

Are you ready to make this happen?

The support, the skills and the strategies you gain from the Success Academy could change your life and the trajectory of your child’s life! You already know that you cant expect a different result if you keep on doing the same thing – Something has got to change!
So what are you waiting for?

Let's make this happen!