The digital challenge will run from May 2022 – Challenge winners will be selected in early August 2022.

You can download all the school promotional material using the link below:

School Promotional Material – Click Here to Download

This download pack includes the following items:

  1. A short presentation that can be shared in class or assembly with pupils
  2. An initial email to pupils or parents
  3. Reminder emails for pupils or parents
  4. Flyer to attach to emails or message boards with QR code (PNG version)
  5. Flyer to attach to emails or message boards with QR code (PDF version)
  6. SMS message for parents
  7. Social media posts – suitable for Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin
  8. Flyer to attach to emails or message boards (PNG version)
  9. Flyer to attach to emails or message boards (PDF version)

Need to know more about The GT Scholars X Brit Insurance Digital Challenges for Young People?

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions below and you can download all of the school promotional material by clicking here. If you have any difficulty downloading the material or have any questions, please email

Q1. How can young people sign up to the GT Scholars x Brit Challenge 2022? Where is the registration page?

Pupils must sign-up online

Q2. Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for any young person aged 11-18. We recommend that you promote this to all your pupils, regardless of their current career aspirations and no matter where they are on their career journey.

Q3. Do parents or guardians need to give consent?

Yes. In order to participate in the challenges, pupils must have consent from a parent or guardian. A parents or guardian will also need to accompany the winners to London for the Career Insight day at Brit Insurance head office in London. Travel costs will be covered for the winner and up to two family members.

Q4. Do pupils need to complete all 5 Challenges? And will there be a certificate of completion for the participants?

Yes. Pupils will need to complete and submit all 5 Challenges in order to qualify for the certificate of completion.

Q5. Is the GT Scholars x Brit Challenge free to join?

Yes. All 5 of the Challenges are digital and can be accessed by registering for the digital challenge online.

Q6. How will the young people access each digital challenge? Will pupils need to turn on their cameras? Which safeguarding measures are in place? 

Pupils will register for the challenges online and then they’ll receive an email with login details to access each challenge. The challengers will be online and are pre-recorded videos, for the students to watch. This means that pupils can not access the speaker and the speaker will not have access to the pupil.

Q7. How much time should be dedicated to these challenges? 

Pupils will need between 1-3 hours for each challenge. The five challenges should take no more than 10 hours to complete. 

Each challenge needs to be completed and submitted before the link to the next challenge is sent out.  All 5 Challenges need to be completed and submitted by Friday 22nd July 2022.

Q8. Can young people work as a group or should they do this independently? Are they allowed to get help?

It is encouraged that the pupil works independently as the completed tasks need to be submitted as an individual and not as a group. They are allowed to ask for help from adults, but we would prefer that the majority of the research is done by the young person.

Q9. What is the selection criteria for finalists? What are the prizes?

We will be looking at consistency, a good understanding of challenge delivery, age and all in all quality throughout the 5 Challenges. We will short list 15 pupils as finalists and each of these pupils will win £100 each. The top 3 students will be asked to nominate their chosen school or youth group and each school or youth group will be given winning prizes of £500 each.

Q10. What other support do you provide to young people beyond the GT Scholars x Brit Insurance Challenge?

We have free membership available to all schools in the UK.  You access the free membership here: 

We also have a newsletter, IntoEducation, which includes many free blogs and free resources that pupils and parents can access via our website. We also send regular updates about career opportunities via email. Schools can also access our Education consulting services as well as additional programmes such as Career Insight Programme which is only available on Silver or Gold membership and this gives your pupils access to 1-to-1 CV Reviews, 1-to-1 Interview feedback, 1-to-1 careers advice and online courses. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.