Growth mindset – Next date TBC

Course type: Workshop

Course code: A011

Course title: Understanding growth mindset

Who is this course for? Parents & Young people

Location: London

Next intake date: TBC

What is this workshop about?

This is a 3-hour workshop for parents and young people that want to develop a better understanding of growth mindset and how it can be used to secure outstanding grades at GCSE or A-level.

More details

What is growth mindset? Is there such a thing as an average student? Am I expecting too much from my child? Are some young people just not academically able? Are some kids just more gifted than others? Is it really possible to get A-grades if you’ve always been a C-grade student?

Young people with a fixed mindset believe that their intelligence and abilities are fixed. Young people with a growth mindset understand that they can always improve. This workshop aims to explain what a ‘growth mindset’ is. It will also show you how you and your child can use growth mindset to achieve excellent grades at school.

What will you get from this workshop?
This short workshop aims to help you:

  • Understand the meaning of ‘growth mindset’ and ‘fixed mindset’
  • Find out why having a growth mindset is essential to academic success
  • Learn some of the key skills that you need to move from Cs to As
  • Identify the practical steps to move from ‘average’ grades and ‘excellent grades;
  • Gain some practical tools to embed a growth mindset in your everyday life
  • Learn what you can do to support your child and secure A-grades

Who should attend?
This workshop is tailored to parents and young people that would like to learn how to use growth mindset to achieve their academic goals. If your child has any doubts about his or her abilities to achieve A-grades, then this workshop is an excellent opportunity to address this.

Feedback from previous attendees:

“I’m really glad we came today. The most important thing I learned is that growth mindset is more than just improving your grades. You can use it to achieve pretty much any of your goals. Every parent needs to know about this.”- Laura, age 14

“If you’ve ever doubted your ability to achieve top grades, then you need to learn about growth mindset.” – Kieran, age 16

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Location: London

Fee: This workshop is free for young people with household income under £16,190. A fee may be applicable if your total household income is above £16,190.

Next date: TBC

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