The Raising Aspirations Programme

Course type: Programme

Course title: The Raising Aspirations Programme

Who is this course for? Young people

Location: London

Next intake date: January 2020

Application deadline Applications must be submitted by October 2019

What does this programme involve?
The Raising Aspirations Programme is an after-school programme that has been designed to raise and support the academic and career aspirations of young people living in care.

The programme runs over a period of six days per year; with the aim of giving young people to knowledge, skills and strategies needed to achieve their aspirations.

More details
The Raising Aspirations programme aims to give young people the confidence to pursue their ambitions and the opportunity to learn about degree courses, apprenticeship, scholarship and bursary opportunities available to them.

Each young person on programme receives 6 days of support which includes workshops hosted at top-tier universities and corporations. During their visits, young people on the Raising Aspirations Programme have been able to learn about apprenticeship schemes and school-leaver programmes. They’ve also been able to meet with and learn from undergraduates and professionals from a range of backgrounds.

The young people participate in a range of interactive workshops which improve their presentation, team working, leadership, public speaking and communication skills. The workshops ultimately help build key employability skills, increase their confidence, motivation and resilience and empower them with the skills needed to achieve their personal aspirations in life.

Each young person also has access to 6 one-to-one mentoring sessions with our trained volunteer mentors. This helps them reflect on their learning from the workshops, understand more about their personal strengths, interests and goals; and reflect on the routes that they might take and any changes or support they will need to achieve their aspirations in life.

As part of the programme, young people are also given the opportunity to apply for and take part in work experience programmes offered by our partner organisations.

What will you get from this programme?
As part of the Raising Aspirations Programme, young people are able to:

  • Meet like-minded students that are ambitious and have high aspirations
  • Gain increased motivation, confidence, and self-belief
  • Set goals with support from their mentor and devise a strategy for achieving each of their goals
  • Continually develop a growth mindset and develop their personal ambitions
  • Learn more about career and academic opportunities available to them
  • Build employability skills to help them reach their aspirations

Who should join the Raising Aspirations Programme?
The Raising Aspirations Programme is tailored to young people living in care that are ambitious and want to improve their chances of getting into a top university or getting into a competitive career.

What does this programme include?
During the Raising Aspirations Programme, young people get access to:

  • 6 enrichment days and skill-building workshops
  • 6 one-to-one mentoring sessions

Location: Enrichment and skill-building workshops are held in London.

Fees: This programme is sponsored by our partners.

Dates & time: Enrichment days and skill-building workshops will take place on Saturdays or during the half-term holidays.

How to apply: Please note that this programme is only open to young people currently living in care. If you would like to know when applications are open for this programme, please register your interest here.