The Headstart Programme

Course title: The Head Start Programme

Programme content:
- One-to-one tutoring in Maths or English
- Online Group Coaching sessions
- Access to Online Courses & Masterclasses
- Access to Online community of support

Programme type: Year-round Programme

Location: Online Programme

Who is this course for? Young people

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What is this programme about?
Many young people have high aspirations but struggle to meet them because they lack the tools and strategies needed to achieve their goals. The Headstart Programme is designed to equip young people with these tools and strategies.

This is a year-long programme which combines tutoring, enrichment and skill building classes in which young people interact with like-minded peers and learn how to motivate themselves and strategise in order to achieve their goals.

“I’ve learned that learning means you have to push yourself…no one can make you learn….It’s a bit like sports…If you don’t push yourself you won’t get better…I’d say I have improved because I’m making more of an effort and I’m better with organising my time and my homework.” Shaun Age 12, Scholar on the mentoring programme

More details
The Headstart Programme is an after-school tutoring, skills building and enrichment programme for young people aged 11-13. The aim of the programme is to help young people gain the skills, strategies, and support they need to get top grades as well as to transition from primary to secondary school smoothly.

Scholars on the programme receive after-school tutoring in Maths or English. Tutors work directly with our scholars, providing them with ongoing tutoring support so that they are equipped with the strategies and tools they need to achieve their academic goals.

Our tutors are professionals and graduates that work in a range of careers and are all DBS checked volunteers. They have been chosen because they work in competitive careers or went to universities that can inspire our scholars to set goals for their futures. All of our tutors are passionate about making a difference and they want to help our scholars to reach their full potential.

Our scholars on the Headstart Programme also attend skill-building and enrichment days which provides an environment in which they can build confidence in their own abilities, discover their strengths and develop their resilience.

What will you get from this programme?
As part of the Headstart Programme, young people :

  • Benefit from building a positive relationship with their tutor
  • Gain motivation and get the academic support they require to improve their grades in school
  • Learn how to set goals and plan towards achieving them
  • Build self-leadership skills and develop self-confidence in their own abilities
  • Develop a greater self-awareness regarding their personal traits and how to use them
  • Improve their interpersonal skills and develop their resilience

Who should join the Headstart Programme?
The Headstart Programme is for ambitious young people that are committed to improving their grades and achieving their aspirations. The programme aims to help them develop the skills needed to get into a top university or get into a competitive career.

What does this programme include?
Each term, young people on the Headstart Programme get access to:

  • 12 hours of academic support through one-to-one tutoring in Maths, English or Science
  • 3 leadership, skill-building and enrichment workshops

Bursaries: We have a limited number of bursaries available for our courses, workshops, and programmes. Please fill this form if you would like to apply for reduced fees. Please note that bursaries do not include travel costs.

Location: All tutoring is done online. Enrichment and skill-building courses are held in London.

Fees: This programme is free for young people with household income under £16,190. Means-tested fees may be applicable if your total household income is above £16,190.

Dates & time: Most one-to-one sessions take place after-school or at the weekend. There are additional Saturday skill-building and enrichment sessions that you will need to attend as part of this programme.

How to apply: If you would like to know when applications are open for this programme, please register your interest here.