SpeakUp: Find Your Voice, Change The World!

Course type: Workshop

Course code: N/A

Course title: SpeakUp: Find Your Voice, Change The World

Who is this course for? Young people

Location: London

Next intake date: TBC

This workshop will teach young people valuable public speaking and presentation skills while also informing them on how to play an active role in their community.

Public speaking is an important skill that can open lots of opportunities for young people. It’s useful for all young people, not just for those interested in politics or law.

According to a Graduate Management Admission Council survey in 2017, oral communication was number one and presentation skills was number five in the list of top skills recruiters look for.

Together with helping young people access competitive careers, other benefits of public speaking include:

  • It will increase your confidence and self-belief
  • It will make you stand out in your class or group which will make you more identifiable as a leader
  • Your vocabulary and language use will improve which will help you with your writing as well
  • It will develop your interpersonal skills which will improve your interactions with others

One of the ways that young people can improve their public speaking and presentation skills is by playing an active role in their community. By finding and making their voice heard, they will be able to speak up about important matters that will affect them or their future. Social activism and making a difference will also expose them to new opportunities and help them to gain new skills and experiences.

During this workshop, young people will work on:

  • Building public speaking and presentation skills
  • Learning how to be fluent and eloquent
  • Finding their voice and role in their community
  • Awareness of activism and social changes
  • Applying their skills to making a sustainable and effective difference

By the end of the workshop, young people will have developed solid public speaking and presentation skills, increased their confidence, and found the best way to use their voice to stand up as a leader in their school or community.


  • This FREE workshop is sponsored by our partners and includes lunch and all learning resources.
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