Ready, Set, Go: Acing Your Exams!

Course type: Workshop

Course code: N/A

Course title: Ready, Set, Go: Acing Your Exams!

Who is this course for? Young People

Location: Bell House

Next intake date: 16th February 2019

One of the greatest challenges that scholars face is exams. But, just like any other challenge, it can be successfully completed simply by equipping yourself with the right tools, strategies and techniques. It’s only when you set yourself up with a winning mindset and the right tools, then you can get going and receive the results you’ve been looking for!

This full-day workshop aims to help young people conquer exams by improving study, time management, and mindset techniques. It is tailored to young people that want to get excellent grades in their examinations but may be concerned about how to manage the stress and demands of examinations, coursework and extracurricular activities.

During the workshop, your child will work with experts and study skill professionals that will show them how to manage their time effectively, how to create a study plan and how to prioritise between their academic deadlines, extracurricular activities and other demands.

Your child will be shown various techniques that they can use to prepare for tests and examinations and how to turn their study and revision time into a time of enjoyable and rewarding in-depth learning and development. They will also learn from experienced curriculum developers, exam writers and exam markers that will show them exactly how to improve their chances of getting top grades in exams.

By the end of the day, your child will have a good understanding of growth mindset and resilience and how to apply this to their academic life. They will be equipped with tools that they can immediately use to start their revision and they will have an actionable study plan.

The program for the day includes:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of growth mindset and how your child can use this to improve their abilities
  • Understand how to manage their time effectively
  • Understand their learning style and how to use this to their advantage
  • Get an understanding of how to cope with stress and build resilience as a learner
  • Gain practical tools and techniques that they can use to learn quickly and retain more information when learning
  • Understand why so many smart students fail to gain the grades that they deserve
  • Develop a better exam technique to get top grades in any exam

Feedback from past attendees:

When we saw our exam timetable this year, most people in my form panicked but I was actually excited because I had been looking forward to seeing the timetable. The course gave me the confidence to start preparing even before the timetable came out. – Chloe, 16

I don’t feel scared about exams anymore. I know that my exams are not a test of my intelligence but a test of my ability to prepare and manage pressure. – Eni, 14

Lunch will be provided. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.
Please note that there will be video recordings and photography at this event.
There are a limited amount of tickets available for this event and tickets are on a first come, first served basis.
If the £5 deposit is cost-prohibitive, please contact us at to apply for a fee waiver.

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