Is University worth it? – Next date TBC

Course type: Workshop

Course code: A051

Course title: Is university worth it?

Who is this course for? Parents & Young people

Location: London

Next intake date: TBC

What is this workshop about?

This is a 3 hour family workshop that discusses the various post 16 options for your child such apprenticeships,  further education and university.

More details

This workshop aims to answer the following questions – What are the benefits of getting a degree? How much will it cost to get a degree? What are some of the best degree courses to improve my career prospects? How many years will it take to pay back any loans? What scholarships or bursaries are available? Is university still worth it?

The decision about going to university is largely dependent on your personal goals and ambitions. We hope that by the end of the workshop, you will be able to make an informed choice and take the steps needed to decide if a degree is the right path for you.

During the workshop you will have the chance to find out the facts about degrees and apprenticeships. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from undergraduates, graduates, apprentices and professionals that have completed their apprenticeships.

What will you get from this workshop?

This short workshop aims to help you:

  • Get a better idea of the cost of getting a degree and repayment terms if you take out a student loan
  • Learn about some of the top careers and degrees that provide the greatest return on investment
  • Gain an idea of some of the other benefits of university – not just the degree
  • Find out about the benefits of apprenticeships and the sort of roles you can enter through apprenticeship schemes
  • Learn about your overall earning potential in a range of careers
  • Get a better understanding of the careers that require degrees and those that don’t
  • Make an informed decision about doing an apprenticeship or getting a degree

Who should attend?

This family workshop is tailored to parents and young people that would like to know more about university degrees, the cost of university and the benefits of apprenticeships. 

The workshop provides an opportunity to ask questions from graduates, undergraduates, apprentices and professionals that have completed their apprenticeships.

If your child is unsure which route to take to achieve your career goals, then this workshop is an excellent opportunity to begin to address this.

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Location: London

Fee: This workshop is free for young people with household income under £16,190. A fee may be applicable if your total household income is above £16,190.

Next date: TBC

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