The Inspiring Future Leaders Programme

Course title: Inspiring Future Leaders Programme

Location: London

Who is this course for? Young People

Next intake date: February

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What does this programme involve?

The Inspiring Future Leaders Programme is a 6-month after-school programme set up to help young people tap-into and develop their leadership skills.  

Through the programme we aim to raise each young person’s career aspirations, develop their confidence, increase resilience and self-motivation and help each young person develop skills and strategies to make consistently positive choices about their future and learn how to positively influence their community.

This unique programme combines one-to-one mentoring with enrichment and skill building sessions. The programme runs from February to July.

More details

The Inspiring Future Leaders programme funded by Mayor of London, was set up to address a growing need for a leadership programme to support the aspirations, gifts and talents of young boys aged 12-14.

The aim of the programme is to help each young person gain the skills, strategies and support they need to become positive leaders and role models in their school and in their communities.

As part of this programme, each young people will receive workshop days focused on skill-building. These workshops will develop their skills such as coding and entrepreneurship, where they will have a chance to develop computer coding skills and pitch and develop a business idea. 

Each young person will also receive workshop days focused on raising aspirations. This will build an awareness of the academic and career opportunities available to them. During their visits to universities and corporations, they will learn about apprenticeship schemes, school-leaver programmes and they will meet professionals from a range of backgrounds. 

Each young person will meet with their volunteer mentor on a monthly basis. This will help them understand more about their personal strengths, interests and goals; and reflect on the routes that they might take and any improvements they may need to make in order to achieve their aspirations.

What will you get from this programme?

As part of the Inspiring Future Leaders Programme, young people are able to:

  • Gain increased motivation, confidence, and self-belief
  • Set goals with support from their mentor and devise a strategy for achieving each of their goals
  • Continually develop a growth mindset and develop their personal ambitions
  • Learn more about career and academic opportunities available to them including apprenticeships, school-leaver programmes and university programmes
  • Build entrepreneurship & employability skills: Improve their presentation, team working, leadership, and communication skills. 
  • Increase confidence, motivation and resilience and be empowered with the skills needed to achieve their aspirations.

Who should join the Inspiring Future Leaders Programme?

The Inspiring Future Leaders Programme has been designed for young people aged 12-14 that are ready to develop, improve and use their leadership skills to make a difference in society. 

The programme has been designed to help young people develop leadership and self-management strategies that are critical in school and in life.

Please note that this programme is currently only open to boys in Years 8 & 9 (aged 12-14) and this is an invitation-only programme. This means that your school must invite you to apply for this programme.

What does this programme include?

The Inspiring Future Leaders programme will run from February to July each year. Young people on the programme will get access to:

  • 6 one-to-one mentoring sessions
  • 4 enrichment workshops and 
  • 6 skill-building workshops including:
  • 1 entrepreneurship & social-action project
  • 1 coding project

Location: All workshops are held in different in London Zones 1 & 2 – with a few of the workshops taking place at Google Academy in London Victoria. Due to Covid-19 and social distancing rules, many of these sessions will now be taking place online.

Fees: There are no fees for young people that have been selected for this programme.

Dates & time: Parents and carers will need to arrange mentoring sessions directly with mentors – these sessions are flexible and will depend on your availability. All enrichment and skill-building sessions will take place outside of school – on Saturdays and during half term. 

Thinking of signing up?

If you’re a young person that has received a letter from your school inviting you to apply this programme, then we will need to meet with you at your school and at one of our information sessions to understand more about your current aspirations, challenges, interests and goals, as well as what you would like to gain from this programme. 

We will also meet with parents and carers to explain more about this programme, how to make the most of the programme and how they can support you while you are on this programme. 

How to apply: Please register your interest here by January 2021. The programme starts in February 2021. You must be available for the two induction dates in February.