Global Teenpreneur Challenge

Course title: Global Teenpreneur Challenge

Location: International Programme (Online)

Who is this course for? Young People

Next intake date: July 2020

Gloabl Teenpreneur Challenge

What is this programme about?
The Global Teenpreneur Challenge is a 4 month programme for young people aged 13-17, where they will get to work in teams to develop their entrepreneurial skills, launch their business, get exposure to entrepreneurial companies and take part in individual and group challenges, with cash prizes up for grabs!

This unique programme offers online workshops from business experts, 24/7 online support group, as well as fun and educational challenges where you will compete with other teams!

This challenge has been co-designed with some of the young people on our programmes. You can watch a short trailer of their video here.

More details
The Global Teenpreneur challenge is an entrepreneurial skill building programme for young people aged 13-17. The aim of the programme is to help young people gain the skills, strategies and support they need to start their own businesses, set up successful online platforms to promote their brand and make excellent connections that will help them all through life.

This new challenge has been designed to support young people, during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic where young people have been unable to attend school in many countries around the world. On our programme, you will get the chance to gain some valuable life experience of setting up your own business and get some much needed advice and mentorship from well established entrepreneurs in the process.

As part of the challenge, young people will get to work in teams to develop their entrepreneurial skills, launch their business, get exposure to entrepreneurial companies and take part in individual and group challenges, with cash prizes up for grabs!

The young people on the programme will attend numerous skill-building and enrichment activities which aim to raise aspirations and give them the confidence and strategies they need to achieve their goals.

What will you get from this programme?
As a young person, you are familiar with utilising online tutorials and lessons to develop skills thanks to sites such as Youtube, using auction sites and online markets to sell goods, products and services directly. Thus, making your generation of young people highly entrepreneurial!

This challenge is aimed to encourage our young participants to develop a product or service they are passionate about, all with expert support and guidance.

As part of the Global Teenpreneur Challenge, you’ll:

  • Get access to 21 online masterclasses to help you develop your business
  • Learn business skills from top entrepreneurs
  • Build your own website to promote your business
  • Meet other young people from different parts of the world
  • Improve your team working, communication and pitching skills
  • Pitch your business idea to get backers and customers
  • Raise money for charity
  • Be in for a chance to win prizes for your team!

Who should join the Global Teenpreneur Challenge?
The programme is ideal for any young person aged 13-17, that is interested in entrepreneurship and starting their own business. As part of this programme, you’ll be improving your business skills as well as your communication skills, team working skills, presentation skills and leadership skills.

What does this programme include?
This programme includes:

  •  21 online masterclasses with step-by step-guidance from business experts covering topics such as training on presentation and pitching skills, website design, Social media marketing, building your team, testing the viability and profitability of your product, launching your product, building your network and selling your first product.
  • 7 challenges where you can compete with individuals and gain points for your team with additional prizes open to the teams and individuals with the highest points.
  • Access to a 24/7 online support group where you can connect with your team, send in your questions and access a weekly midweek Q&A as well as technical support if you need it!

Bursaries: There are no official bursaries for this programme. However, you may be able to join free of charge by using our free fundraising platform and get family, friends and backers to sponsor your place! This means that you could end up joining the programme 100% free of charge!

We strongly recommend that you get backers as early as possible. You can create a video pitch (which we will train you on) and then use the fundraising platform to find backers who will support your place on the programme and you will be able to let these same backers know when you’re ready to launch your product!

Location: This programme runs online with weekly live sessions that are recorded in case you miss this. There are no face-to-face sessions.

Fees: £180 for the 4 month programme.

Dates & time: Your live masterclass sessions will run every week online. There will be a replay available to you in the online community group if you miss the live session.

Thinking of signing up?
You’ll need approval from a parent/carer before you sign up to this programme.
You’ll also need to watch the short safeguarding webinar so you know the rules of the challenge.
Your parent or carer also will need to sign the online safety agreements before you can access the weekly webinars and join the online support group.

How to apply: Applications open in July and the challenge officially starts in September!

If you’re ready to apply, then visit the Global Teenpreneur website and fill in the online application form: