Code Creators Club

Course title: Code Creators Club

Location: Online only

Who is this course for? Young people aged 10-17

Next intake date: Year-round

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What is the Code Creators Club?

The GT Scholars Code Creators Club is designed to help young people aged 10 to 17 develop and continually improve their coding skills, by learning in a fun & interactive environment with support from expert tutors.

The Code Creators Club is perfect for young people that are new to coding, as well as those that have some experience!

IMPORTANT: We’re currently offering free trial lessons that can help you and your child decide if this programme is right for you. Please register your interest to sign up to the next trial lesson.

Did you know that Coding is one of the most valuable skills for the future?

According to research from FD Technologies which is a multi-million pound software company, nearly a third of students aged 16-23 in the UK, believe that being able to code is a core life skill! Also, according to TechNation, which is a global platform for leaders in the technological industry, careers in the Tech industry are still on the rise and research shows that salaries in the Tech sector are nearly 80% higher, on average, than salaries for non-tech jobs in the UK!

This is why we’ve created the GT Scholars Code Creators Club – a programme that will help your child build the essential coding & computer programming skills that are needed for the future!

As part of this programme, your child will build and improve their coding skills by attending weekly online coding classes and working on a project with support from their tutor. They can then choose to showcase their project to family and friends by adding their project to the Code Creators Club micro-site.

What’s Included in the Code Creators Club?

  • Weekly Coding Workshops: These classes are led by seasoned facilitators, these workshops delve into the fundamentals of coding, fostering problem-solving skills and analytical thinking.
  • Exciting Monthly Projects: From creating captivating web pages to developing interactive quizzes, games, and animations, your child will hone their creativity and coding prowess.
  • Diverse Programming Languages Mastery: Our comprehensive curriculum provides support for mastering various programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, and more, ensuring adaptability in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
  • Live & Recorded Workshop & Q&A Sessions: Real-time access to expert guidance through live Q&A sessions and a library of recorded sessions enhances understanding, promotes independent learning, and addresses specific challenges.
  • Online Hub for 1-to-1 Coding Support Hub: A dedicated support hub offers ongoing assistance, connecting your child with a community of like-minded learners and providing a platform for collaboration and skill-sharing.

Here’s What Our Scholars Have Said About Our Coding Workshops!

– I would highly recommend the coding workshops. I’ve been able to learn different skills and it’s been a great experience – Genevieve, age 15

I really enjoyed coding in html and CSS as these were both new languages to me, it was really fun to play around with the code and experiment with different ways the code was written. I also thoroughly enjoyed the mentoring hub as it was nice to get support from the ambassadors and the other scholars. When other scholars were stuck on a code I could help them, by doing this I was also able to learn where I was making mistakes. The 2 key things we learned was how to make a website and a quiz. – Laura, age 13

-I enjoyed learning different coding languages and techniques and how to link them all to create one big project. – Thea, age 13

Thinking of getting started?

We offer free trial lessons that can help you and your child decide if this programme is right for you. Please register your interest to sign up to the next trial lesson.

Parent FAQs

What are the days and times for the coding workshops?

The coding workshops currently run on Tuesdays & Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 7.30pm. This means that in one month, you may have a four week project that runs on a Tuesday and in the next month, you may have a four week project that runs on a Tuesday again or a Wednesday.

What if we can’t attend the live workshop?

All of the live workshops are recorded so that your child can access this within the online support hub and can catch up on any missed workshops or re-watch sections of workshops that they have already attended.

What is the online support hub and how can I get access to this?

The Online support hub is where we add all workshop replays and send any key messages and homework reminders to our scholars. It’s also the place for scholars to submit their homework and ask questions if they need help. Our Coding Tutors and Workshop Facilitators often come into the support hub during the week to provide 1-to-1 support, respond to questions and share any suggestions for improving their code or improving specific projects.

What if my child is just a beginner/What if my child is very experienced?

The Code Creators Club has been designed to be accessible to all levels of experience. The tutors and facilitators for each month will provide your child with a project that is to be completed within four to six weeks. However, your child will need to decide if they would like to create an easy version of the project or a more advanced version of the same project. As your child becomes more familiar with coding, they will most likely choose the more advanced version and sometimes this may mean being challenges to try to create their own code for their projects and build their project from scratch with support from their tutors.

How long will it take for my child to be able to complete a project and showcase this on the microsite?

We have set up projects to take anything from 3 to 6 weeks to complete. We will often encourage scholars to create two versions of the same project – an easy version and a more advanced version, if and when they are ready. This means that your child can choose to complete the easy version of the project and showcase this on the website, or they may create a more advanced version if they feel confident enough with creating this?

Which programming language will my child be learning?

Your child will be working with a range of programming language. The technological world is changing rapidly and new programming languages may be developed in the future. Our goal is that your child becomes familiar with a range of programming languages, and more importantly, that your child feels confident enough and is able to develop fluency in at least one computer programming language.

Do the weekly sessions run throughout the year? What happens during school holiday periods?

The weekly classes run throughout the year. However, we usually take a break for the Christmas to New Year holiday period and this is usually a 3 week break. We also take a break for the last 2 weeks of Summer. During this period, your child will be able to access pre-recorded online classes with homework that they can complete in their own time. Tutors and facilitators will not be available to provide 1-to-1 support during these two short holiday periods, but they will respond as soon as we return from the break.

My daughter recently completed the GT Scholars GirlMeetsCode Summer programme. Is this a good follow-on programme? Are there any similarities?

As you may already know, there are approximately 2 million jobs in technology, and tech employers are actively seeking to increase the diversity in their workplace and hire more women into challenging, well-paid careers within the technology space. This is why we run the Girl Meets Code Summer programme – to encourage girls to build their tech skills and to help them consider careers in technology. If your daughter recently completed the Girl Meets Code Summer programme and found it enjoyable, then it is highly likely that she’ll also enjoy the Code Creators Club.

The GT Scholars year-round Code Creators Club offers year-round weekly coding classes and is open to all genders. Please register your interest to sign up to the next trial lesson.

How long does it take to build fluency in a coding/computer programming language?

This really depends on how much time and effort that your child dedicates to learning. Our classes run every week for 90 minutes per week and the support in the online hub is available throughout the year. However, we would recommend that your child completes their homework each week, asks questions and takes the time to keep improving their skills and working on advanced projects within the Code Creators Club.

How can I join the Code Creators Club and Can I get access to a free trial lesson?

We offer free trial lessons that can help you and your child decide if this programme is right for you. Please register your interest to sign up to the next trial lesson.

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