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The Oxbridge Masterclass:
How to Get into Oxbridge
(Online course)




What is this workshop about?

This is a full day course that aims to support any young person that would like support in applying to Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities.

More details

During the course you will work with Oxbridge and Russell Group graduates, admissions professionals and interview professionals that will show you how to develop an outstanding personal statement and how to choose a degree course and university for your chosen career. They will also support you with preparing for your interviews and give advice on A-level subjects and grades required for specific universities and specific courses.

By the end of the course, you will have a personal statement draft that you can use immediately or continue to develop as you embark on your journey to university. You will be able to ask questions from graduates and undergraduates studying at top universities. You will also be equipped with resources and tools that you can use to strengthen your application and improve your chances of acceptance.

What will you get from this workshop?

This short course aims to help you:

  • Learn more about Oxbridge, Russell Group universities and what they look for in applicants
  • Understand the benefits of going to a top university and the difference it can make
  • Find out the important deadlines and details when applying to specific Oxbridge colleges
  • Prepare and practise for a mock-interview with an Oxbridge graduate
  • Learn about the bursaries are available to you within each of these universities
  • Get a better understanding of life at some of the top universities including the advantages and the challenges
  • Build a strong personal statement that will improve your chances of acceptance
  • Develop a timeline of goals to work towards between now and your application to university

Who should attend?

This course is tailored to young people that want to get into Oxford, Cambridge or another top university in the UK. By the end of the course, you will have a good idea of the applications process, admissions process, the interview and selection process for many of the top universities in the UK.  If you are unsure if going to university is right for you, then we would recommend that you join us at the workshop titled Is university worth it?’ where you will be able to ask more questions about this.