Tutoring & Mentoring programmes (Parent & Pupil FAQs)

We have three main intakes a year – in Jan/Feb, April/May, and Sept/Oct. To sign-up for programme alerts, you’ll need to register your interest. You can do this at any time of the year by visiting: www.gtscholars.org/register-your-interest.

There are 3 easy steps in completing your application.

  • Step 1 – Register your interest here.
  • Step 2 – Join us for an online parent information session (We’ll share webinar dates via email)
  • Step 3 – Fill in the application form here

Some scholars start on the programme from age 11 and others join us at age 17. There is a different focus for each programme. You may choose to stay on a programme for as long as is needed. For some young people that means staying on the programme for three years. For others, this may mean joining the programme for just one year.

We offer 1-to-1 tutoring in Maths or English up to GCSE. Yes, you can choose your programme and subject during the application stage. If you’ve applied for a full or partial scholarship, please be aware that we may not be able to offer your first choice. We may contact you with an alternative offer if your first choice is not immediately available.

Yes, you can apply for more than one subject and there is usually an additional fee for this, please discuss this when you meet with us. If you’d like to apply for more than one child please add this information when completing your application.

If you are on a programme that includes mentoring, your mentoring sessions can be scheduled as a 2hr long session once a month. Mentoring sessions will need to be scheduled for a time that is most convenient for your scholar and their mentor.

If you are on a programme that includes tutoring, you will have access to 10 hours of tutoring and 2 hours of feedback each term. Tutoring sessions should preferably be consistent and scheduled as 1hr long sessions once a week.  It is entirely up to you and your tutor as to what date and time are most convenient for both parties.

Scholars are matched with a mentor and a tutor (two different individuals). After you complete your application form, your child will have the opportunity to answer some short essay questions. We will usually match you with a tutor or mentor based on the answers you give within your essay.

The first meeting will include the parent, scholar and tutor.  It is really important that you allow the tutor to set some expectations and goals for your scholar to reach. This is so that you are all on the same page and you all know what you are working towards.

The first session is all about getting the relationship off to a good start by establishing some ground rules and acknowledging that the relationship is Two-way. It’s also the best time to agree on what you hope to achieve and share your expectations of one another. You will need to mention when you would like to meet and for how long, how you’ll keep in touch to arrange other meetings and the best way to remind each other of your meeting. We recommend you cover your scholar’s ambitions and goals in relation to particular issues being faced, achievements so far and how to build on them, realistic expectations, the scale of priorities, areas in which your scholar would find most useful.

Tutoring sessions are conducted online using Skype, Google Meets, Zoom, and used in conjunction with an interactive online whiteboard of your choice with shared access between you and your tutor. Mentoring sessions can take place online or in-person whichever is the most convenient method for both parties. Sometimes it can be difficult to schedule an in-person

If a tutoring or mentoring session was missed by the tutor or mentor, you should contact them by either phoning or sending an email. If you have trouble reaching them please contact us and our programme manager will follow up on the situation. If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please contact your tutor or mentor well in advance so that they can make the necessary arrangements for the session to take place at another convenient time.

We expect each scholar to maintain at least 80% attendance for their tutoring and/or mentoring sessions. We also expect scholars to complete at least 1 personal development course each academic term. We’ve found that the scholars that benefit the most from our programmes are able to maintain a minimum of 80% attendance at all sessions.

No. Even though all of our tutors and mentors are DBS checked, we expect parents to be responsible for arranging sessions with their tutors and mentors. This means that you cannot leave your child to arrange the sessions or expect the tutor or mentor to contact your child directly to arrange sessions. GT Scholars reserves the right to terminate all tutoring and mentoring sessions. if a parent continually refuses to make contact with a tutor and mentor and continues to request that their child takes on this responsibility.

Yes. All our tutors, mentors and workshop facilitators have a valid Enhanced DBS certificate, they are trained in their role including safeguarding training and they are required to adhere to our safeguarding policies and procedures.

Yes, there are full and partial scholarships available to young people on free school meals and lower-income backgrounds. We offer scholarships on our tutoring and mentoring programmes – Bright Ambitions, Head start & Young Leaders Plus. Please note that there are no scholarships available for the Young Leaders Programme.

We typically receive about 30 applications for every 1 scholarship place that we offer.

Full scholarships are awarded for 1 term only (12 weeks) and partial scholarships are offered for 1 year. They are reviewed at the end of each academic term, based on total household income as well as current levels of attendance & participation.

No. If the information in your application is still correct, you will not need to apply again. Please email the team contactus@gtscholars.org to ask that your application is deferred or moved forward to the proceeding term. Please note that if you are applying for a partial or full scholarship, you may need to resend your documents as we only consider documents issued within the current financial year and/or documents that are less than 3 months old.