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GT Scholars Pilot Programme is launched

November 16, 2013
GT Mentoring - Our Story

GT Scholars was founded by social entrepreneur Temi Kamson – a Maths teacher and University of Cambridge Alumni. Temi launched the first GT Scholars programme in 2013. At the time, she was approached by some young people living locally to her, asking for support with improving their grades. From her experience in teaching, she knew that most young people were ambitious and wanted to reach their full potential but they often had no idea how to get started. Passionate about social mobility and having come from a working-class background herself, Temi knew that the young people would need more than just tutoring if they wanted to achieve their academic and career aspirations.

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GT Scholars Joins Lloyds Bank School for Social Entrepreneurs Start-Up Programme

November 7, 2014
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We joined the Lloyds Bank School for Social Entrepreneurs Start Up Programme where we developed the skills, strengths and networks that we needed to tackle our goals. During this period, we attended courses that equipped us to start, scale and strengthen our organisation as a social enterprise, which allowed us to develop programmes and ideas that are effective, sustainable and impactful.

GT Scholars goes digital with online tutoring!

September 1, 2016
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In a bold and innovative approach, we decided to embrace the power of technology and go digital! Our tutoring programme, which took place in-person at libraries in Croydon, was moved to an online platform. This was done for the benefit of our scholars, volunteers and the organisation as a whole. The convenience of an online tutoring programme made it far easier for our scholars to access quality one-to-one tutoring. It also made it far easier for our volunteers and it attracted even more volunteer tutors to join our programme. Online tutoring also allowed us to easily extend our reach beyond Croydon to London as a whole, allowing us to increase our impact and help even more young people to reach their academic aspirations.

GT Scholars completes the Young Foundation Accelerator programme and wins second round of social investment from Young Foundation

November 25, 2016
51 - Our Story

The Young Foundation Accelerator is an intensive four-month programme intended to propel and rapidly accelerate social enterprises through an effective combination of business support and social investment. The Young Foundation has a Social Innovation and Investment Team which is particularly interested in the fields of health, education and places that are focused on changing people’s lives for the better. Through the Accelerator programme, we were able to secure a second round of investment for GT Scholars. The accelerator programme also helped us further develop our theory of change, improve our marketing and branding strategies and improve our business model. This has helped us develop additional programmes that are sustainable and meet our mission of tackling social mobility through education.

Awarded the BlackRock Gives grant for the Blackrock-GT Scholars Programme

December 5, 2017
6 1 - Our Story

Nominated by one of our board members, we were successfully awarded the BlackRock Gives grant to run the BlackRock-GT Scholars Programme. The BlackRock Gives grant supports local nonprofit organizations that build access to better futures for underserved individuals and communities. This programme was targeted for young people that have relatively high academic and career aspirations but are statistically least likely to achieve their aspirations based on their household income and current attainment. Through this programme we were able to provide 60 young people on Free School Meals with tutoring, mentoring, and enrichment.

GT Scholars Joins The EY Foundation Accelerate Programme

July 18, 2018
67 - Our Story

We joined the 12-month Accelerate programme run by the EY Foundation for social enterprises focused on supporting young people into education, employment or enterprise. The programme included business coaching, workshops, networking opportunities and project support. Through this programme, we were able to focus on scaling up our social enterprise and increasing our impact.

Awarded the Big Lottery Awards for All grant for the GT Scholars Big Lottery Project

September 11, 2018
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We were successfully awarded the Big Lottery Awards for All grant under their funding priority to enable more people to fulfil their potential by working to address issues at the earliest possible stage. Through the GT Scholars Big Lottery Project, we were able to work with disadvantaged young people in the greater London area and provide them with a tutoring, mentoring and enrichment programme that assists them with achieving their aspirations. The programme targeted young people aged 11 to 16 and provided them with the strategies, skills and support that they need to achieve their academic and career potential.

GT Scholars launches the #GirlMeetsCode programme

October 20, 2018
15 - Our Story

With support from Tech Trust, an organisation that helps good causes use technology to achieve even more, we ran the #GirlMeetsCode programme for girls between the ages of 11 to 16 in London. This programme addressed the lack of female representation in the UK tech sector by introducing coding and computer science to girls. We looked at a broad range of digital topics within creative coding and showed the scholars how to think of ways to use technology to solve everyday problems.

GT Scholars joins the Lloyds Bank School for Social Entrepreneurs Trade Up Programme

November 16, 2018
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Through the Lloyds Bank School for Social Entrepreneurs Trade Up Programme we received the support to make our organisation more sustainable and to create more impact. Together with a 14-day learning programme, we received a match trading grant, a support network of other social entrepreneurs at a similar stage to us, and a mentor to take our organisation to the next level.

GT Scholars launches the Raising Aspirations Programme for ambitious Looked After Children

January 15, 2019
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We ran a pilot project for the Raising Aspirations Programme with young people living in care from the London boroughs of Bromley and Greenwich. This programme included enrichment and skill-building workshops at our corporate and university partners across London, namely Google, EY, Lloyds Bank, Clifford Chance, Goldsmiths University of London, London School of Economics, Queen Mary University of London, and the University of Westminster. The aim of the programme was to make young people living in care aware of the opportunities available to them and to help them build the skills to access these opportunities. Through this programme, we aimed to raise their aspirations and build their confidence so that they are able to work towards a brighter future.