Financial Literacy

Economist Foundation
Suitable Age: Age 8-11;Age 11-14;Age 14-16;Age 16-18
Description: The Economist Foundation have a range of free resources designed to help young people think through the news. This includes a library of bite-sized activities and home learning resources, as well as content that responds to unfolding global events. They also provide a free weekly bulletin full of engaging, child-led activities to encourages critical thinking at home
Country: UK
The Learning Hour
Suitable Age: Age 11-14, Age 14-16, Age 16-18
Description: The learning hour runs live online workshops for young people and their families. These free online workshops led by experts from around the world, are designed to get young people learning something new every day! Free Creative design and Craft workshops, free online workshops on Managing Finances & Investing, Free workshops on Entrepreneurship, Emotionl Wellbeing and much more.
Country: UK