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Suitable Age: Age 0-4;Age 4-8;Age 8-11;Age 11-14;Age 14-16;Age 16-18
Description: A comprehensive free resource offering textbook style learning guides, divided by subject, level and topic area. The maths coverage goes from Kindergarten to the equivalent of Year 13, while other subject areas are split by topic, rather than age group.
Country: USA
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Suitable Age: Age 8-11;Age 11-14;Age 14-16;Age 16-18
Description: The Economist Foundation have a range of free resources designed to help young people think through the news. This includes a library of bite-sized activities and home learning resources, as well as content that responds to unfolding global events. They also provide a free weekly bulletin full of engaging, child-led activities to encourages critical thinking at home
Country: UK
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Suitable Age: Age 4-8;Age 8-11;Age 11-14;Age 14-16;Age 16-18
Description: This is a very useful compilation of resources covering both elementary and high-school level education. HippoCampus has designed programmes oriented around specific topics, with links to free resources on external sites where appropriate.
Country: USA
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Suitable Age: Age 14-16;Age 16-18
Description: A set of free, downloadable peer-reviewed textbooks, oriented around the US AP-level studies but appropriate for UK students aged 14-18.
Country: USA
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Suitable Age: Age 14-16;Age 16-18
Description: GCSE and A Level Revision Resources. Includes past papers by topic and year, as well as revision videos and notes.
Country: UK
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Suitable Age: Age 4-8;Age 8-11;Age 11-14
Description: With around 2000 pages, 1.5 million words and tens of thousands of images, Q-files is a vast online information library available for anybody to use whenever they like. It has all the school subjects — history, science, geography etc.—but plenty more besides: dinosaurs, space, castles, sports and so on.
Country: UK
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Suitable Age: Age 11-14;Age 14-16;Age 16-18
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Description: Helps you with your Economics and Business Studies revision, homework, research and background reading. Hundreds of links to related stories and websites
Country: UK