In The Know: The world of media for young people

In The Know: The world of media for young people

We’re talking about the media this week! Your child may have a dream of pursuing a career in entertainment but not know how to get into it. Fortunately, we’ve got a few opportunities that can give young people an introduction into the industry.

Work Experience – Radio 1
Is your child is passionate about music? If so, this is an unmissable chance for them to work at one of the biggest radio stations in the country, with some of the biggest names in the industry. This week-long placement gives young people valuable insight into the entire operations of a radio station. They will learn everything from social media and marketing to the production of the radio shows themselves. Open to young people aged 16 and over, the deadline is 27th February, so visit the website to apply.

Creative Briefs – I Am Creative
Young people aged 13-19 thinking about going into advertising or communications should not pass this up, because it truly is a unique opportunity! I Am Creative are giving young people the chance to create campaigns for huge brands such as The AA and Lloyds Bank. The companies themselves judge the campaigns and there is a cash prize as well as professional feedback and potentially even a step up on their future career ladder! Find out more on their website.

Creative Associate – Youth Media Agency
Whatever branch of the media that your child is interested in – journalism, photography, filmmaking – becoming a Creative Associate with Youth Media Agency can help get their foot in the door. They give young people the chance to help at various media-related events and, most noteworthy, they help aspiring creatives find job opportunities within the media industry and give them the chance to help at various media-related events. If your child is aged 16+, click here to find out how to join.

GT Scholars is an after-school programme that focuses on helping young people to raise their aspirations and fulfil their potential. This is achieved through a combination of tutoring, mentoring and enrichment days. GT Scholars also always wants to keep parents and young people up to date with the latest opportunities available. Therefore, we have a weekly newsletter crammed full of exciting ideas, activities and events. Sign up today –

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