In The Know: Summer School options

In The Know: Summer School options

Although it might not seem like it, summer is not that far away! Instead of playing on the computer or watching the television for the whole holiday, your child could join one of these exciting programmes and get a head start on their future.

Pre-University Taster – King’s College London (Ages 16-17)
This is a four-day non-residential programme, designed for students aged 16-17, that enables them to find out what it is like to study one of the world’s top universities. Your child would get to choose between four areas of study: Law, Science, Business Management and Cultural History, and would receive university-level tuition, relevant excursions and admissions advice. Read more about this taster course here.

Summer Schools – Debate Chamber (Ages 11-18)
Whatever your child is interested in, Debate Chamber has a course that will be ideal for them! They have a range of programmes, adapted to suit every age group, from law and computer science to dentistry and medicine. These are non-residential courses that vary in length, but all of them build attendees’ knowledge through tuition, discussions and practical activities. Debate Chamber do offer bursaries, so to find the right course for your child, visit their website.

Pre-Vet Summer School – Royal Veterinary College (Ages 16+)
Is your child thinking of a career in veterinary medicine or biological science? This 2-week residential summer school is the perfect taster course for young people aged 16+ who want to learn more about these career paths. Your child will practise in state of the art clinical facilities and will participate in teaching sessions and workshops, all while getting a glimpse into university life. To find out more and complete the application form, visit their website.

On a side note, we will be starting our new term in April and are looking for aspirational and motivated young people to join the programme. If you are interested and want to find out more, please leave your details here and we will give you a call.

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