In The Know: Opportunities for Young People to Improve their CVs

In The Know: Opportunities for Young People to Improve their CVs

The competitive nature of the workplace of today, makes it imperative for young people to improve their chances of getting employed, as early as possible. With that in mind, we have put together some fun and educational activities for youngsters to engage in to improve their CVs or employment prospects:


Royal Airforce Cadets: This involves flying, target shooting, sports and adventure training. This opportunity is offered to young people between the ages of 13 and 17. Some squadrons may recruit throughout the year and do welcome visits twice a week during their Parade Nights. They also give the option of showing video of Air Cadet activities and respond to any questions parents or guardians may have. Read more about it here.


Young Journalists’ Academy: The Young Journalists’ Summer School is designed for students between the ages of 16 and 19, who live in the London area who want to pursue a career in journalism. Entry into this programme is free and the deadline for applications is the 23rd of June. Applicants must be available for interviews between 1-2 July 2017. The summer school will be conducted between Saturday 5 August to Saturday 12 August 2017. More information on the programme can be found here.


Youth Parliament Campaigns: For young people that want a career in public service, there is no discussion on freedom and rights that is complete without any mention of The Youth Parliament’s activities. The Youth Parliament, which has a total of 276 members aged from 11-18,  has debated on topics as wide ranging as Health Care, Votes at 16, Transport, Racism and Religious Discrimination, among others. To find out about current campaigns and how to become a part of this, please read here.


GT Scholars is an after-school programme that provides a tutoring, mentoring and enrichment programme to young people aged 11-16. Our high impact courses, workshops and programmes give young people the strategies and skills they need to achieve their aspirations. To find out more about GT Scholars please get in touch and we will call you:

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