In The Know: Are you nurturing a young Picasso?

In The Know: Are you nurturing a young Picasso?

Young artists usually find themselves without any channels to showcase their work or developing talent. Below, we have listed some programmes that cater for young artists and gives them a chance to further develop their skills.

Society of Wildlife Artists: This bursary awards up to £750 to successful applicants aged 16 and over to help develop their skills. Artists are urged to develop their skills by running special projects, proposing expeditions or getting help with their studies. Some previous award recipients have gone on to join the SWLA which has given them the opportunity to influence future projects that the charity engages in. For more information, click here.

Look and Learn Art: This monthly competition is open to all children from all over the world below the age of 18 and all submitted artwork must be an original idea or creation of the credited artist. Entries are accepted every month and are limited to one entry per child for each monthly competition. All art from children is posted in a permanent online gallery and winners receive personalised certificates and cash prizes. The theme for this month’s competition is Laughter and the closing date for the month’s entries is 7th July. For more information, click here.

National Open Art Competition: An art competition open to both young people and adults. To qualify entrants must live in the UK or Republic of Ireland and entries may comprise Paintings; Drawings; Original Prints (excluding children); Photography; Digitally produced artworks, Wall Hung Installations, Collage, miniatures (excluding children) and Moving Image. To enter the main competition young people must be 15 years of age by 1 September 2017 and to enter the Children’s competition, they must be 14 years of age or younger by 1st September. For the 15 years and over segment, artists can submit 4 entries and those aged 14 or less can submit up to 3 entries. For more information, click here.

If your child is aged 11-16 and you’re interested in joining the tutoring, mentoring and enrichment programme, we’ve still got a few spaces left for young people that want to join GT Scholars next term. If you’re interested, you’ll need to register your interest here or give us a call on 02088168066

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